[Beyond PlayStation] 30-in-1 Game Collection Review

by Tracey

30-in-1 Game Collection is a party game where getting high scores is your goal. Is it worth your time and money? Find out in our 30-in-1 Game Collection review!



30-in-1 Game Collection from Digital Bards is, as the name suggests, a collection of 30 short games of an arcade nature. It has six islands with the 30 games split across all of them, and your ultimate goal is going to be to get as high of a score as possible. You can play this mini-game collection in many ways, either on your own or in some fun local multiplayer with friends and family. It’s a colorful bunch of games that are great for kids as well, with cartoony visuals and easy to understand gameplay mechanics. With a little bit of practice, gamers of all ages and skill levels can take a shot at earning a high score.

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Depending on your performance in the mini-games, you will get to earn stars. If you want to unlock more Islands and more games, then you will need enough stars to open the next lot of games. The games are not that long (hence why they’re mini-games), so getting enough stars to unlock a new set of games is not going to be too hard. If you don’t complete a game with enough, starts, then you can always give it another shot and try again so that you can improve on your performance. There are no penalties for not obtaining enough stars, so take your time to learn what is the best way to complete each of the games.

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With 30 mini-games in this collection, not all are going to be winners, but there is a nice variety that will make it possible for all types of gamers to find a set they like. The games in 30-in-1 Game Collection will remind you of other games you might have played, such as Orbs of Osiris which will remind you of games such as Bust-A-Move, or Dancing Pandas, which is like the beloved classic Dance Dance Revolution, but you’re going to use your fingers to play instead of having a dance mat on the floor.

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One of the things I want to complain about is the size of the text, and the type of font that the team at Digital Bards has used for 30-in-1 Game Collection is difficult to read on a large screen, which bizarrely makes it easier to read when playing the game in Portable or Tabletop mode. Hopefully, the team can issue a patch for the game that allows for a font that you can resize. The other thing that could boost the overall value of this collection would be having online multiplayer for the games, but that’s not as easy to implement, but something they can keep in mind.

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30-in-1 Game Collection offers a ton of replayability with several mini-games to unlock as you play on your own or by using the local multiplayer option. The game is available at a very affordable $14.99, so while not all of the games are going to be winners, there is a nice variety of genres so that gamers can have a lot of fun.

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This 30-in-1 Game Collection Review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Digital Bards.

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