The Upcoming PS4 Games For 2019

by Palabar

Are you going a little bit crazy about all the awesome games on their way to your PS4? If so, then get ready. Hold your ground. Today we’re going to tell you about all the new and exciting PS4 games that will soon be available to you. Yes, that’s right! This batch will be out in 2019. Although there have been some talks about Sony working on their next console – that is, the PlayStation 5 -, that one is still a bit away, so here are some awesome games you’ll be able to play before the year is over!

• DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2- Don’t be misled by the 2 in the title! The game is certainly a sequel, but it does not follow the story of the first game. There are new characters, new quests and events unique to your new adventure – a standalone block building RPG at its finest. Old form, new setting, with the promised free slots.

• WOLFENSTEIN: YOUNGBLOOD- A tale of twin sisters on a co-op adventure. This is an action-packed thriller brought to us by MachineGames, Dishonored’s Arkane Studios and Bethesda. It will be more fun if you play with a partner, but in case you are alone, you can play with an AI sister as well.

• CONTROL- This is a complex one. The game brings unimaginable locations to life. It has supernatural elements, psychic powers, guns, and more! This game has it all, and has managed to present such a complex concept in a beautiful way

• BORDERLAND 3- The wait is almost over! We got a big look of Borderlands 3 at this year’s E3, and the game is right around the corner, releasing this September! There’s a lot to look forward to, with the same humor, colorful presentation, tons of guns, and enough trash talk to keep you entertained for a long time.

• GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT- Ghosts against former ghosts is what you’ll find in this military shooter. It is sure to give you the adventure of a lifetime! The game has a big focus on survival, so you better be ready to treat your wounds, or else you’ll be dead before you know it!

• THE OUTER WORLDS- Waking up in a different world, a world that is being threatened. Who’s going to save it? This one revolves around the core of sci-fi. It brings varied creatures, dialogue choices, first-person exploration, and many more exciting features.

• STAR WARS JEDI- FALLEN ORDER- Do you want to be Jedi? Well, this is your opportunity! In this game, you get to be ne with the force. The game has shown us lots of beautiful locations waiting to be explored, weapons to try, special skills, all wrapped in a Metroidvania. What’s not to like?

• DOOM ETERNAL- A sequel to DOOM which released in 2016? Let’s do this! There’s a lot of hype surrounding this one, and after it being shown at E3 2019, things only got better! It’s bigger, faster, and deadlier!

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