[PS4blog] Weekly Recap – June 24 To June 30

by EdEN, Owner

Welcome to the weekly recap! Missed any of our posts from the last week? Click after the break to check all our posts that went live during the previous seven days.

For the last weekly recap, you can click here.

[PlayStation VR] Blood & Truth Review

[PlayStation 4] Verlet Swing Review

[PlayStation 4] We. The Revolution Review

Judgment Out Today On PlayStation 4

LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity Out Next Month

[Double Review] Back In 1995 Review

[PlayStation 4] Dragon Star Varnir Review

We. The Revolution Out On PS4 And Nintendo Switch

Boundary On Its Way To PlayStation 4

[Beyond PlayStation] Rolling Gunner Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Aggelos Review

Dandy Dungeon Out Today On Nintendo Switch

[FREE Game] OMG Zombies! GIVEAWAY (Nintendo Switch – US + EU)

[PS4 Double Review] Word Wheel by POWGI Review

[FREE Game] Instant Tennis GIVEAWAY (Nintendo Switch – US + EU)

[PS4Blog.net Interview] Surgical Scalpels On Boundary

[PS4/Vita Double Review] Warlock’s Tower Review

BlogCast – Episode 324

Blazing Chrome Out Next Month

[Beyond PlayStation] Path to Mnemosyne Review

[PS4Blog.net Interview] Ted Sterchi On Orange Island

[Beyond PlayStation] RIOT – Civil Unrest Review

[FREE GAMES Giveaway Winners] Bring to Light (PlayStation 4 – US PS

[FREE GAMES Giveaway Winners] Son of a Witch OR Rogue Bit (Nintendo Switch – US)

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