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High sea horror game Submerged from indie studio Main Loop is now out as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Learn more in our Submerged review!

Submerged is a horror game played from a first-person perspective in which you step into the shoes of coast guard paramedic Jack Ballard who has rejoined his regular job after the death of his wife. He answers to a distress call from an offshore structure deep in the high sea, but the weird thing is that when he gets there, the whole location seems to be abandoned. Who was the one that requested the help? What is truly going on? Will you be able to help Jack survive long enough to find the answers he seeks?

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Since this is a first-person horror game, you will move Jack around with the left analog stick, while the right one will be used to pan the camera as needed. You can perform an action with the X button as needed and can use a weapon with the L1 button. The Triangle button is for your flashlight, a valuable tool that will allow you to see what is going on around you. If you need to access your inventory, you can do so with the Square button to review what you have on you that might prove to be useful for the situation at hand.

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As you explore each area, you should keep your eyes open for the medical supplies you can find, as they will prove to be useful to stay alive during this experience. You need to not only keep your health in check since you also need to keep watch over your stress levels. You can use bandages to recover your health, or a dose of lorazepam to lower your stress levels. You can also mix meds, in a way similar to the classic Resident Evil series, by using syringes, to have a combination that can considerably recover your health.

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Once you’re wearing a diving suit, you will have to keep an eye on your user display when you go outside – that is, into the water. If you see a crossed-out eye, this means that you are hidden and in the clear. The diving suit is outfitted with an external light, as well as a sonar system that will show you the distance between your character and an enemy. If the circle is green, then an enemy is far from you. If it’s orange, that means it’s relatively near. And if it’s red, well, then you better watch out since something big and nasty is very close to you, and your life could be over soon.

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By exploring the station, you will find different tools to aid you on your adventure. There is the wrench, which will allow you to open locked ducts, the pliers which can be combined with metal pieces to create lockpicks, and the screwdriver which will let you fix any machinery that might be broken. The first toll that you will find is a pair of pliers, which will allow you to make your first lockpick thanks to the first metal piece that you should have collected during the second chapter in the game. Once you create one, you will also get a trophy for your trouble.

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Submersed features a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. There are several trophies tied to completing each of the chapters in the game, as well as four trophies related to completing the game. One of them is easier to get since it only requires that you finish the game, but the others are going to require some extra work. One of the trophies asks that you do not die during your entire run, another one is for completing the game without using a single healing item, while the other requires you to complete the game while having your inventory and security box full of items.

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Submersed is a short horror-style game set in the high sea in which danger in the water is always present. The sharks in the game are deadly creatures that will not hesitate at lunging at you the moment they spot you. The voice acting could have used some extra work, but this is not a deal-breaker. It’s a good first effort from Spanish indie team Main Loop, who got to make the game thanks to the PlayStation Talents program in Spain. If you’re looking for a budget horror game on PS4, this one might fit the bill.

This Submersed review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Main Loop.

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