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Riverbond is a new adventure game from Cococucumber (who previously released the fun Planet of the Eyes), and is set in a voxel world. Learn more about this great single-player and multiplayer release in our Riverbond review!

Riverbond is a voxel-based action-adventure game set in a collapsing world.

In Riverbond, the first thing that you must do is select the world in which you want to play from the eight available options. You can play them in any order you want, making this game non-linear, apart from the slightly increasing difficulty as you advance through the levels towards the end of your adventure. There’s also a background story tying these worlds together, but I thought it was a nice touch to have the possibility to play each world in any order – a bit of a Mega Man twist in a different genre!

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Before beginning to play a world, you’re encouraged to play the tutorial, given by none other than Tutorial Bunny! Yes, that is his actual name. He provides information about the gameplay of this cartoon-ish hack and slash game, and it made it possible to

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As for the actual gameplay, we’re traveling from world to world and completing the objectives of each of the 4 to 6 levels in each world. Every level is short, and the objectives are varied. The levels’ objectives are also easy enough to be understood by kids, which was a definitive plus when playing in multiplayer since I played nearly all of the campaign with my eight-year-old daughter. It helps that each campaign is short, separated into a few bite-size segments since each world can be completed in roughly 20 to 30 minutes.

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As you start each world, and when changing between the levels inside of each world, different characters are available depending on how many you’ve unlocked. They’re all totally wacky characters, and my kids had a lot of fun suggesting the wackiest character I should use. In case you were wondering, it’s a donut – a pixelated, walking donut armed with a weapon. Speaking of weapons, you will find a lot of different things to use in the many chests you find as you explore. These can be either close-range melee weapons or long-range weapons, which adds different options for you to use as you take on the many enemies you’ll run into.

As for the game’s presentation, it is a great looking voxel-based dungeon crawler. The environment is also almost fully destructible, which never got old as my daughter and I progressed through the different worlds. The soundtrack is very atmospheric, and each character we met in the worlds we explored had some personality that made them all pop.

I finished the campaign with my daughter in roughly four hours of gameplay time, which felt a little short since this game was such a lot of fun to play! The Platinum trophy isn’t that hard to achieve, and since each level can be played independently as much as you want, obtaining every trophy is an easy and very fun accomplishment.

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Final Thoughts
Cococucumber did an amazing job in creating a voxel and destructible world that can be played in single or multiplayer. One of the things we preferred was how kid-friendly this game is, meaning that your younger kid can join the fray, and be as helpful as he can, without any consequences when his character dies. I definitively recommend this game if you’re looking for a great and stylish multiplayer experience to play with gamers of all ages.

Price: $29.99
PSN Game Size: 7GB

This Riverbond Review review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Cococucumber.

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