[PlayStation 4] Effie Review

by Ajescent

Effie is a 3D action-adventure that should be familiar to those who played Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter. Inverge Studios hopes to fill the gap left by those games. Did they succeed? Find out in our Effie review!

Combat, platforming, and puzzles… with the exploration of an expanded world.

In Inverge Studios’ Effie, you play as Galand, a carefree individual who is cursed by an evil witch to age prematurely. To his surprise, he is still left with his strength and agility. You must travel the land on a quest to try and regain your youth. The game’s narrative is told to Effie, the young daughter of Galand. Stylistically, this allows older Galand to comment on the gameplay as you progress. For the most part, this is unobtrusive, but it occasionally does become annoying because some lines are repeated all too often.

Effie Review

With that said, there is not a lot to criticize about the game, in the 4-6 hours you’ll spend completing the main story mode, you’ll have a lot of fun traversing each dungeon, attempting to complete its puzzles. Quite early into the game, you are given a shield, which is your main source of attack. The combat in the game is solid with a lot of the hits you dish out feeling very powerful, while the hits you receive do not feel punishing. The number of enemies you’ll battle at any given time might feel overwhelming, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. This is easy to see once you start to earn new combat abilities for your shield. The skills are awarded at a steady pace, with one skill in particular that stands out: surfing.

Effie Review

Upon completing the first dungeon, you are introduced to the open world where your shield turns into a nifty little hoverboard that you can use to traverse the beautifully crafted open-world. Though not as large as what you’d see in other games, the map is filled with a few side activities to complete here and there. The game does experience some stuttering when you reach max speed on your hoverboard of sorts, but it is not enough to hamper the thrill of riding the board at high speed.

Effie Review

The overall visuals are beautiful with the colors palette in use being rich and vibrant. The designs of the enemies, though a little generic, still compliment the rest of the architecture. I genuinely would recommend just site-seeing around the world map just to take in all the visuals.

Effie Review

Effie is a nice and sweet little distraction that does not attempt overstaying its welcome. The content found in the game is curated just right, as you never get the feeling that it is being presented just for the sake of extending the total amount of time you’ll be spending playing. The game is a solid homage to classic 3D action-adventure games and is the right length to make you feel like you got your money’s worth.

This Effie review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Inverge Studios.

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