[FREE Game] Eagle Island GIVEAWAY (Nintendo Switch – US + EU + AUS)

by Ceidz, Owner

EdEN reviewed Eagle Island, a colorful, charming and fun roguelite Metroidvania, from ScreenWave Media on the Nintendo Switch.

We gave it a 8 out of 10, and quoted it a “Polished, colorful and fun roguelite Metroidvania“!

Here’s an excerpt of our review:

Eagle Island is a fun roguelite Metroidvania with simple, and to the point gameplay mechanics, that is challenging enough to keep you busy for a bit. Each dungeon has a different feel to it, and other than the feathers that grant your companion’s different abilities, you’ll have to start each dungeon from scratch without any medals to boost your hit points, attacks, or to grant you any extra skills. Dying is not the end since you’ll get to have another go at a dungeon with a new procedurally generated layout, so while the overall elements will remain the same in accordance to the dungeon’s theme, the layout, enemy placement, treasure chests, and shop inventory will be different.

Now’s YOUR time to win a FREE US / EU or AU copy of Eagle Island on the Nintendo Switch.

The giveaway ends on August 14th, 2019 at midnight (PST).

Good luck!

FREE Digital Copy of Eagle Island GIVEAWAY (Nintendo Switch – EU + US + AU) | PS4blog.net

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