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by EdEN, Owner

Type:Rider from Arte, Cosmografik, and Novelab is an interesting game that takes you down the ages of typographic styles and techniques. Learn more in our Type:Rider review!

Type:Rider will get you started right away by making you go through a short tutorial as soon as the game loads up. You will move with the left analog stick, collecting new content as you explore each area. You will get to learn a lot of valuable information as you play this one, making it an educational game that is fun to play! Your two dots can also jump with the A button, a useful skill for the platforming sections in the game where you want to keep them away from the bottomless pits and other dangers. And if you make a mistake and find yourself trapped without a way out, you can press the X button to be sent back to the start of the current area you’re exploring. There’s also the possibility of wall jumping by pressing up against a wall to then jump with the A button.

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The overall gameplay loop will have you entering each level to get the pair of black dots you control from point A to point B, doing some proper learning as you go by pressing the + button after collecting an asterisk to read more about the new fact you’ve managed to unlock. For this, you will need to keep the pair of black dots under your control safe, because a single hit – or falling down a bottomless hole – is all it takes to defeat them. Pointy and sharp objects or fire are some of the things to avoid if you want to complete each level with the lowest total time possible. And if you do end up hitting any hazard, at least you will quickly respawn at a checkpoint not too far behind.

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The game offers a set of in-game trophies for you to collect. These are awarded to you for completing objectives such as retrieving all asterisk (the collectibles) in a chapter, retrieving all asterisks in the game, finding an ampersand, finding all eight hidden ampersands, collecting all letters, making a 360° while in the air, making seven wall jumps in a row, reading all the books, completing a secret level, completing a particular stage without dying, completing one specific level in less than three minutes, and, of course, one for finishing the game.

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Type:Rider is a minimalist style puzzle/platformer with a big focus on showcasing the information and art related to the history and evolution of typography. You’re looking at around 3-4 hours to be able to complete the game, as you collect all the asterisks and learn about cave paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Greek alphabet, monk scribes, Johannes Gutenberg, Robert Estienne, and more. The game is available for a budget $2.99, and it worth the price of admission on its educational value alone – luckily there’s also a fun puzzle/platfomer to play!

Type:Rider Review - 4

This Type:Rider review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Arte.

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