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by EdEN, Owner

The Office Quest from 11Sheep is a point and click adventure on Nintendo Switch with an interesting art style and four chapters of puzzles to solve. Learn more in our The Office Quest review!

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In The Office Quest, your adventure begins after you follow the game’s instructions to click on a flower on your desk, which releases a shiny red energy thing. Once you click on it, the energy thing goes flying towards the right side of the screen, which obviously makes you want to go after it. Your plan will be foiled by the person sitting at the desk on your left, which is why you’ll need to distract her for a moment so that you can make your way out of your work area to see what this energy thing is all about.

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You can either control the on-screen cursor with the left analog stick and interact with things or other characters by pressing the A button, or you can use the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop mode. Both control options are good since the game is a minimalist point and click adventure and not a fast-paced twitchy experience in which tight controls would be a must. It’s easy to get the hang of things since items in your inventory will be automatically used when you click on the right item or person to interact with, so you won’t have to worry about managing the items you’ve collected.

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As you can see from the screens in this review, for some reason, in this one everyone is wearing a costume. Your character is wearing something I can’t quite figure out, while the rest are easier to make out since you’ll run into someone wearing a carrot costume, like a pineapple, a pig, an ostrich, a shark, and more. Since all you’re getting to solve the puzzles the game has to offer are the visual cues it presents – the recipe for making a very hot cup of coffee on a machine, how to change between the speeds of a fan and how far its wind will blow -, there is no voice acting on this one, other than some grunts and sounds in place of the words characters would speak.

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The Office Quest is a funny minimalist point and click adventure with an interesting art style and lots of visual clues for you to find the solution to the predicament at hand, as you try to escape from the monotony of the regular 9 to 5 at the office, searching for that red glowing thing that symbolizes hope and freedom. You’ll be spending a few hours with this one as you complete its four chapters, so if you’re a fan of the point and click adventure genre, you should give The Office Quest on Nintendo Switch a go at its $11.99. It won’t be breaking any new ground, but it does things by the numbers in a way that feels just right.

The Office Quest Review - 5

This Office Quest review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by 11Sheep.

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