[Beyond PlayStation] Reverie: Sweet As Edition Review

by Dusk Fox

Reverie: Sweet As Edition from Rainbite is the definitive edition now out on Nintendo Switch. Is it something that will scratch that The Legend of Zelda itch? Find out in our Reverie: Sweet As Edition review!

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Do you ever go “Boy, I sure feel like playing an old-school The Legend of Zelda game,” but don’t feel like playing one you’ve already completed many times? You want to get that feeling, the rush of exploring a new dungeon, finding an item and learning what it can do and how it can help you complete the challenges you’ll face during your adventure? Then Reverie: Sweet As Edition is the game you need to play on the Nintendo Switch! It’s a fun adventure presented in a small and colorful package.

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I know what you are thinking “Another The Legend of Zelda-like?” but hear me out: while it might not be the freshest concept out there, I assure you this one feels like a fresh and fun experience. Imagine having the aesthetic of a Mother (known as Earthbound over here) game, and the gameplay mechanics of The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, giving this one enough nostalgia to grab your attention without feeling like it’s a game that is making that its focus – the game is quite charming!

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First of all, the game takes place in New Zealand. To my surprise, it turns out this is the first time I have played a game based on that country. Even if Toromi Island is a fictional location, you can really see where it draws inspiration from, and it all felt like a nice trip to a local spot where people are friendly. You’ll be exploring an environment is colorful and soothing, and its story has been inspired by a Maori legend, which certainly makes this one stand out.

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The gameplay, while familiar to anyone that has played the aforementioned beloved series, might feel a bit too streamlined and minimalist at times. Battling regular enemies will tend to be a bit repetitive, but things will change considerably when you start to take on a boss battle. This can be a good thing if you are looking for an almost Zen-like adventure, but it’s something that will not please everyone. As for completionists out there, they will be happy to learn that the game does offer a variety of collectibles to find, as well as in-game trophies to aim for to enhance the experience.

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All in all, Reverie: Sweet As Edition is a fun adventure that falls right in the comfort zone of its genre, offering a lovely experience that will last around 6-8 hours for you to complete. This is the definitive version of the game, including a new difficulty mode to boost the challenge (Nightmare), a new quick-select wheel for items, an in-game trophy system, updates to the game’s sprites and dialogue, and even a new mini-game, making this one an easy one to recommend.

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This Reverie: Sweet As Edition review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Rainbite.

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