[Beyond PlayStation] Refunct Review

by Tracey

Refunct is a relaxing first-person platformer from indie Dominique Grieshofer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this short but fun experience in our Refunct review!

The first thing that is going to pop for you when starting to play Refunct are the visuals, in particular, the water. There is no story, no tutorial, no walls of text to read to learn what you’re going to do. It’s you, the platforms, and the water that surrounds you, all from a first-person perspective. If you’re the type of person that gets a bit of motion sickness from first-person experiences, then you’re going to need to skip this one.

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Refunct is very relaxing – there is no doubt about that. The visuals, the setting, the gameplay mechanics will grab you for this short first-person platformer. There are no game overs, no violence, no hazards, nothing to get in your way of connecting with the experience. Each jump you make onto a platform changes to a lush green grass, bringing the world around you one step closer to feeling alive. Jump onto the highest platform, and you’ll be able to review the area around you as the water reflects all the platforms that exit from it.

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The gameplay mechanics are easy to understand since you only need to jump from platform to platform, and that’s it. You’ll step on plates that will trigger a light that goes up into the sky, changing the platforms around you, which will allow you to reach another plate and activate its light. As you trigger a new plate, the difficulty increases a bit more, but since there are no game overs, you can make some mistakes without any penalty, and give it another shot. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll beat the game.

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Refunt is a short experience that is available at a very affordable $2.99. The music is nice as well, complementing the relaxing and almost Zen-like experience as you explore the game’s environment. As the game moves from night to morning, changing the lighting as it cycles around, you’ll feel at peace, jumping between the platforms. Refunct is a short one that won’t last you more than 40-50 minute at most. If you are up for trying something different, you can go to the Nintendo eshop and have this one ready for you in a few minutes since it’s only 227 MB.

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This Refunct review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Dominique Grieshofer.

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