[PS VR Review] Intruders: Hide and Seek Review

by the_nmac

Are you ready to live through your worst nightmares from horror movies? Check out our review of horror genre inspired Intruders: Hide and Seek!

Intruders: Hide and Seek – Gameplay Trailer | PS VR

Intruders: Hide and Seek is a first-person stealth game, an intense thriller combining intense psychological terror with the point of view of a defenseless boy.

In this new, PlayStation®VR compatible experience, you become Ben, the eldest of the Richter family children. While on vacation at a country house, you’re the witness to three dangerous intruders slipping into the house and taking your parents hostage.

With your parents restrained and your sister hiding, you’re stuck in the house with the intruders. You’ll have to find a way to save your family while you figure out who the three assailants are and what they want.

You cannot run away or confront them. Your only option is… to hide.

Intruders: Hide and Seek is a new title clearly inspired by movies like The Strangers, You’re Next, the aptly named Home Invasion and others. Paranormal horror typically doesn’t scare me, but things like home invasion movies and the trap movie genre do as they showcase things that could actually happen to you in real life.

Intruders: Hide and Seek - 1

That’s what made this game so unsettling to me. This is a real situation you could be involved in! The game puts you in the shoes of a 10-year-old named Ben, who has just arrived at the vacation home with his parents and his little sister in tow. The game will primarily take place in this home, so get used to it and learn the layout! Of this is their vacation home, I wonder what their real home looks like! Their vacation home is huge, two-story library included.

Three strangers invade your home, taking your family hostage. you’ve luckily managed to get away. You will spend the next few hours working your way around the house playing hide and seek to avoid the Intruders. You will have some objectives to complete, which is what will drive the story forward. The gameplay is pretty simple as you move from hiding spot to hiding spot. I did start wondering partway through the game why there were many empty cupboards. The game isn’t super long either,
so you’ll probably be able to finish it in one afternoon. This is not a bad thing since it has a run time similar to that of a movie, which is great for PlayStation VR.

Intruders: Hide and Seek - 2

What I really liked about the game was the sense of scale when playing in VR. Since you play as 10-year-old Ben, the world is scaled to make it feel like you are indeed a young kid. The way it builds the world is cool as well. As you play you will learn about the motivations of the invaders and what they are doing. Visually the game does suffer a bit as character models don’t look great – it’s not an art style choice. Things don’t seem quite right. Voice acting is another issue as it’s just, well… it’s bad. I eventually got used to them, but if you’re not in the mood for a B-movie performance, the voice acting might get in your way.
Intruders: Hide and Seek - 3

Final Thoughts

Recommending Anyone’s Diary is tricky. It’s interesting, but at some points, it feels almost incomplete. You can complete this one in a few hours at most, and it ended up leaving me wanting a bit more. The gameplay is not challenging, but it is enjoyable, and the art style could be something that gets your attention. It’s priced as a budget title, so do keep that in mind!

This Intruders: Hide and Seek review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by DAEDALIC ENTERTAINMENT GMBH.

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