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by the_nmac

Become Anybody as you take a trip through your mind in an interesting puzzle platformer that challenges the world, while looking at mental health. Check out our review of Anybody’s Diary!!

Anyone’s Diary | PSVR | Trailer

Meet “Anyone”, a silent character that you should guide and assist through the pages of its diary while facing the darkest events of its past. Will “Anyone” be able to overcome its demons… or will they be consumed it?

Anyone’s Diary is a unique take on the 2-D platformer in VR. We’ve seen other titles do a great job of taking the 3D space into VR like Astrobot and Moss, but not much in the 2D space. It’s an interesting experiment let’s see how it turned out.

Anyone’s Diary Review - 1

The game does give you the choice of using a Dualshock 4 or a pair of Move controllers. Whenever I’m in VR Move controllers are my preferred controls, I did try it with the Dualshock 4, but found the Move controllers really satisfying to use overall.

You play as an Anyone. You don’t know really know who you are a man, woman or other. You do know that something as recently negatively affected your life, but that’s left open as well. It’s an interesting concept allowing you to take on the persona of Anyone. It does look at the concepts of Mental Health and as the world progresses you can see the struggles as the world becomes more surreal around the Anyone.

Anyone’s Diary Review - 2

Now the game itself plays like a very basic 2D platformer with a focus on running and jumping your Anyone through the level. You can hang onto the sides of edges and pull yourself up as well. There isn’t much to it or challenge. Where the game gets interesting though is it’s the use of VR. You can modify the world for your Anyone to continue through. Whether it’s sliding things to create climbable paths or using levers to actually have different things rotate in. It’s not super challenging, but it does add a gameplay element to get your brain thinking.

The game has three levels. You can probably complete the game in under an hour, as I don’t expect many people to get stuck. Once you’ve played playthrough of it, you can typically make it through in 20 min or so. I wish there was more game to be played honestly.

I loved the cardboard-esque art style in the game. It gives the world a very unique look. Even the avatars for the controllers have that feel. Really cool look. As you progress through the three levels things get more surreal and abstract, lending the really neat art style to do some really cool things.

Anyone’s Diary Review - 3

Final Thoughts

Recommending Anyone’s Diary is tricky. It feels incomplete… You can get through the game in under an hour, I wish there was more to play. None of the gameplay is challenging either, but it is enjoyable and it’s got a cool art style. It’s priced as a budget title, and I’m sure some people will really like it, just have your expectations in check for a quick experience.

This Anyone’s diary review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Factoria Cultural Gestio, S.L..

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