[PlayStation 4] Verlet Swing Review

by Tracey

Verlet Swing has to be one of the most bizarre games I have ever played. Take this journey with me in or Verlet Swing review!

Verlet Swing is a bizarre experience on PlayStation 4. The art style looks and feels very trippy, so it might rub some people the wrong way. The gameplay mechanics are simple, since you’ll be grappling through the air, swing through various grapple points that represent a variety of items such as pizza slice, Egyptian statues, and may weirder stuff. The grappling is something that you’ll need to get used to since, at first, it’s does not feel very intuitive and fluid, but once you get the hang of things you’ll be swinging all over the place.

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There are 100 levels that will test your skills every step of the way. The first handful of levels present to you stages that are not as hard as there are only a few grappling points to use, but as you progress through the game, you will be required to have more precise timing. Something I want to mention is that you can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the camera so that you can tailor your experience, so be sure to check that to see if you want to go up or go down since everyone reacts differently to first-person camera views.

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The goal is simple since you need to reach the bubble with something blue inside of it, which will allow you to clear the level and move on to the next stage. While the goal is simple, the gameplay is not. You’ll need to time not only when you connect to a grapple point, but also when you move sideways so that you can clear obstacles and reach other grapple points. You’re going to need an extra dose of patience for this one so that you can find the right timing and pace to coordinate your movement.

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Those of you that manage to get the hang of things and who lean more into the speedrunning side of things are going to love how each level is pretty much built with speedrunning in mind. Once you take on a stage and learn what the best route is to reach your goal, you’ll be able to get started with your speedrun cap on and start to shave down some valuable seconds from your overall time for the level.

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Some levels will give you more leeway by giving you free movement to complete them as you see fit, but this is certainly not the norm. Usually, you’ll really need to follow a set path toward the level’s exit, or else you’re going to end up dying quite a lot. For me, the more open-ended levels were the definitive highlight of the experience, as the challenge is dialed back a bit as the game allows players to take things down a different path at a different beat.

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Verlet Swing is a fast-paced and crazy experience, and its look is even crazier and trippy. You’ll end up finding levels with fish, with large pizza slices, some with stuff you’d find around at your house, some rather colorful locations, and others that are a bit more doom and gloom, all offering you the chance to use them as grapple points – you haven’t lived until you’ve grappled from a giant toilet while trying to do your best Spider-Man impression.

Verlet Swing Review - 6

This Verlet Swing review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Digerati.

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