[PlayStation 4] Super Tennis Blast Review

by Tracey

Super Tennis Blast is a very fun retro style arcade tennis game now out on PlayStation 4. Come check out our Super Tennis Blast review!

Super Tennis Blast is not a typical pro tennis game, as is the case for Tennis World Tour and the like. This is more of an arcade tennis game which is very accessible, with the basic rules of the sport in place, but a more relaxed feel. Gameplay mechanics are also a lot easier to understand in this game, which is why the tutorial is not mandatory. In other tennis games with a push for a more realistic experience, you would need to dive into tutorial after tutorial in order to learn the gameplay mechanics, so it’s definitely an appreciated change of pace. As for the optional tutorials for Super Tennis Blast, they can be completed in a few minutes at most.

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I remember how I got into tennis video games way back in the 1990s thanks to Virtua Tennis, and Top Spin was also another one of the options. Top Spin was not my jam, but I was very much into Virtua Tennis. Super Tennis Blast is a fun arcade-style take on tennis with a nice variety of gameplay modes, including five mini-games which you can play in a variety of difficulty settings. The mini-games are simple but fun time killers you can dive into between some proper tennis matches.

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To play the game, you can customize your character, pick out a country flag, and even map the control setup. The character customization is a bit on the basic side of things, but that’s not actually bad. Since this is a tennis game that leans into the arcade side of things, you don’t need a big customization module with too many options. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say it’s similar to the customization options of Mii characters – head size, hair color, eye color, and so on.

Super Tennis Blast Review - Customization

If you want a single-player experience, then the Career mode is the way to go. Here you can pick your avatar – which unlocks a trophy for your collection -, and during your career, you will take on different tournaments as you try to climb to the top of the ranks. You will need to plan things and take some rest between all the tournaments since your stamina meter wears down after each tournament, and if you don’t rest, this will lead to injuries. Because of this, you’ll need to keep an eye on your stamina meter and rest every now and then to stay healthy and on your path to becoming a champion!

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You can also choose the difficulty of the AI you will be facing during your run in Career mode. I tried playing in all difficulty settings, and I have to say while the AI certainly does not pose a challenge when playing in very easy, even when playing at higher difficulty settings the AI never becomes unfairly hard since with a little practice and by paying attention to your opponents shots, you can quickly find a way to counter as you try to paint the line – game, set, match. There are also local multiplayer options so that you can take on your friends to see who can come out on top.

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Super Tennis Blast is a fun arcade-style budget release on PlayStation 4 available at a very affordable $14.99. It’s colorful and cartoony art style is perfect for the easy to understand gameplay mechanics. It offers a Career mode, local multiplayer, different difficulty settings, and five fun and easy to play mini-games that add some variety to the experience.

Super Tennis Blast Review - 5

This Super Tennis Blast review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Unfinished Pixel.

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