Boundary On Its Way To PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

Surgical Scalpels got in touch to announce it will be bringing Boundary to the PlayStation 4. Come learn more about the game!

Boundary Character

Initially announced as part of the China Hero project, Boundary was the first title that received funding support to broaden high quality Chinese developed titles to a global market. Project Boundary as it was previously known was designed as a tactical shooter styled with a light MOBA design and feel to it. Developer Surgical Scalpels had also researched VR during its initial testing phase of the project but has chosen to focus on a standard PS4 version with a potential conversion to Xbox One and PC later on. Now known simply as Boundary the Surgical Scalpels team aims to deliver a fast and agile tactical multiplayer shooter for PS4 fans sometime later this year.


Boundary Features:

* Set in a not too distant future Boundary blends Science Fiction with a modern military theme. First and foremost Boundary is being positioned as a tactical multiplayer FPS with a focus on fast arcade inspired gameplay (light MOBA). This is a game that see’s aggressive zero gravity Interdiction missions against mercenaries, pirates and hijackers represented by a team versus team set up.

* Boundary is primarily a multiplayer game, it does not have a single player story. Multiplayer gameplay is kept fast and agile with a 5Vs5 team setup. Modes will include Free For All, Team Deathmatch,Facility Capture and Orbital Purge modes, the latter of which Facility Capture and Orbital Purge are based around Domination and Elimination gameplay. Multiplayer matches are designed to incorporate aggressive combat and quick gameplay mechanics.

Boundary Weapon

* A variety of multiplayer maps are planned for Boundary and include a solar farm, museum, circular complex, orbital fuel station and a spacecraft debris field. Further details and a closer look at these locations will be revealed this year at Gamescom. Four multiplayer modes will be available at launch: TDM, FFA, Facility Capture and
Orbital Purge.

* Weapons are integral to Boundary and are all loosely based on modern tactical weaponry in use today. Specially converted for use in the harsh zero gravity of space, weapons range from astronaut tools like percussion hammers and lances to more lethal assault weapons, machine pistols, sniper rifles and rocket launches. Astronauts manoeuver in space with the help of EVA packs (jetpacks) that can be modified to carry an array of countermeasures and offensive weapons providing even more ways to take out enemy combatants.

Boundary Character

* Almost every aspect of a weapon can be customized, scopes, grips, barrels, magazines and stocks, this modular system allows players free reign to build a weapon specific to their liking. There are 6 classes players can choose from and 3 EVA packs to customize from light, medium and heavy.

* Ammunition loadouts can also be customized – players can diversify the lethality of a weapon by specific rounds in their main magazine. For example a weapon can be configured to fire two armor penetrating (AP) rounds, one after another to pierce the outer protective layer of spacesuits and EVA’s. Players could then inflict further damage by following their initial burst with a high-explosive (HE) round, and finish them off with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) round. This configured sequence of ammunition would repeat, AP-AP-HE-EMP, AP-AP-HE-EMP, until the magazine was depleted. Guided Rocket systems attached via external pylons on EVA packs can home in on the enemy’s electronic pulse making long range kills viable. Boundary has a class system for players to choose which can be further customized by the availability of different EVA loadout options which boosts their combat capability.


* Boundary will feature a complex progression system that will allow players to augment their basic skill sets over time. Fire teams can comprise of a 5 player squad all with different abilities and skill sets allowing for a tactical approach to combat. Bringing the right mix of offensive and defensive loadouts to multiplayer matches means that players can experiment with many different configurations.

Boundary Weapon

Boundary Max

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