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Path to Mnemosyne is a very unique experience on Nintendo Switch from DevilishGames and Hidden Trap you have to try. Learn more in our Path to Mnemosyne review!

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In Path to Mnemosyne you take on a bizarre adventure down what seems to be a neverending road as you take in on the scenery and the character you control, which are presented in a black and white art style that looks as if it was being drawn before you by pencil as you go. You are tasked with diving into the mind of a little girl to try and recover her lost memories. To be able to progress in the game, you will need to solve the puzzles that Path to Mnemosyne presents you. If you pay attention to the clues, such as the small black circles and white circles in the first area, you’ll be able to complete each of the puzzles without any issues.

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You move forward and backward with the left analog stick by pressing up and down, respectively. Special actions are performed to the sides of the path, which is why you’ll have to press left and right as needed on the left analog stick. If you want to jump, you can do so with the A button. The final action you can perform is using your memories with the L button and then moving them around with the right analog stick, which will also move the cursor during the puzzles at the end of each chapter.

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Your memories are represented by glowing, spherical blue flames. You will need to solve short puzzles to collect them, and then when you get to the end of the section, you’ll need to complete another puzzle by adding your memories to the image on the center of the screen. For example, the first section in the game will ask that after you place your memories, you rotate the figures to match the images on the left and right of the screen. The second one will require you to connect all memories together as if you were connecting neurons in a brain.

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Path to Mnemosyne is a short game that you can complete on Nintendo Switch in a couple of hours at most, which is why it’s hard for me to talk more about this one without spoiling the whole thing. As long as you pay attention to the visual and musical clues, you will be able to jump into this little girl’s mind as you explore a bizarre representation of lost memories and what finding them might do to someone. The game is available on Nintendo Switch for $9.99, so be sure to check it out!

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This Path to Mnemosyne review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by DevilishGames.

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