[Beyond PlayStation] 39 Days To Mars Review

by Tracey

39 Days to Mars is an adventure game with some mind-bending puzzles that will have you scratching your head – oh, and it also boosts couch co-op multiplayer! Learn more about it in our 39 Days to Mars review!

Something that pops up right from the start about 39 Days to Mars is that it gives us an adventure game on Nintendo Switch that offers local co-op, which is not something you hear about every day! Sure, you can take on the game on your own in a solo adventure, but the game really shines when played in local co-op by two players. It’s a nice option to have in a point and click adventure game, and it’s even more special for this quirky and charming release! Your journey begins when, as the name suggests, you try to make your way to Mars.

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You will board your ship, working your way from the bottom to the top. The game is full of head scratching puzzles that will give your brain a workout, but you won’t feel overwhelmed in this short but must-play experience that will last around three hours and change depending on your puzzle skill. Every so often the ship will break down and that’s when you come in. It’s your job – and your buddy’s! – to fix any problems that arise during the journey. The trip to Mars takes 39 days, so every handful of minutes a “day” would sorta pass. There is certainly no hand-holding in this game, and no real tutorial to speak off, so you’ll be learning the basics as you go, making some mistakes here and there as you solve its fun and challenging puzzles – you’ll get an “aha!” moment after completing a few puzzles.

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Communication is key when you’re trying to solve a puzzle in local co-op. For example, and without spoiling too much for you, there is a puzzle in particular involving making a cup of tea. It’s something you can do in normal life, so it sounds like an easy task to complete – how hard could it really be? Well, when you’re playing 39 Days to Mars in co-op, it’s a different ball game. You need communication and concentrate to be able to complete even the smallest tasks you face in this one.

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You can also play the game on your own, and you’ll be using both of your hands to control both of the on-screen hands as you coordinate with yourself to find the best solution to each predicament you face. In a sense, the game is certainly easier when you’re playing this adventure on your own, but you might also end up feeling confused every now and then as you try to control everything like that – it’s a bit like dancing with two left feet at some points, if that makes sense to you.

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39 Days to Mars is a short point and click adventure that fellow fans of the genre are going to love on Nintendo Switch. It does its thing without overstaying its welcome, presenting lot of fun puzzles, some witty writing and a great presentation. I really loved the sepia art style of the game as it gave it a very 19th century look and feel, helping the great-looking hand-drawn art really pop. The attention to detail is pretty good as well, with lots of gadgets and doodads to interact with to be able to carry on with your journey. The music is also very charming and soothing, which is certainly appreciated when you’re taking on a game that has many puzzles to solve!

39 Days To Mars Review - 5

This 38 Days to Mars review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by It’s Anecdotal.

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