[PlayStation 4] 8-Bit Invaders Review

by Tracey

8-Bit Invaders is a fun and fast-paced real-time strategy game on PlayStation 4 that follows up on previous entries in the RTS series. Learn more in our 8-Bit Invaders review!

In 8-Bit Invaders, you have separate campaigns to play with plenty of missions to complete. You can take on this one from the perspective of the Marines or the Cranioids. For each stage that you play, you will be aiming to conquer your way to victory with your skills and prowess- You can play 8-Bit invaders either on your own, in co-op or take the fight online, so you can always find a way to explore what the game has to offer.

Regardless of the campaign you choose to play first, you will need to harvest resources in order to build up your army, and you’re going to need a lot of it since things are very expensive! If you go with the Marines campaign, then you can build a harvester to mine for energy. Building requires energy, and everything you build takes from the energy you harvest. The more energy you have, the more things you can build, but you need to make sure that you stay in the green, as this signals you have a healthy location. If you overbuild then some of your facilities could shut down and cease to function, so you should always make sure you have enough energy for your plans.

If you decide to play the Cranoids campaign, you will be aiming at building Motivators. A single Motivator can allow you to increase your Cranoids population by 20, and since the Cranoids come in all shapes and sizes, you will need many Motivators to continue to create more and more units! Each unit comes with different stats and abilities, and the way they perform in battle is also different from how the units of the Marine faction behave.

Whichever campaign you choose to play you will have objectives to complete, and there is a timer at the top of the screen which times how long it takes you to complete a mission. Completing objectives will reward you with boosts to your units, and completing missions will unlock more and more stuff on your tech tree. You can select the difficulty at which you will take on a mission, but not all objectives are available at the easier difficulty setting, so be sure to remember that! Replayability is really high here if you play all missions on all three difficulties for the bonus stuff, and it’s definitely worth it.

Even though the game does start a bit slow, as you only have a limited number of builds and limited base capabilities, if you stick with the game and persevere, the gameplay will pick up the pace and offer you more options. 8-Bit Invaders is a fun real-time strategy game on PlayStation 4 that presents us with an experience that is not too overwhelming but not as simple as some recent entries in the genre. Once you’re done with the main campaigns, you can play online with random players or friends or even play in co-op mode, so there’s more than enough bang for your buck in this one.

This 8-Bit Invaders review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by SOEDESCO.

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