Effie Out Next Week Exclusive On PS4

by EdEN, Owner

Inverge Studios is getting ready for Effie’s PlayStation 4 exclusive release next week. Come check out the game’s trailer and screens!

Effie is a 3D action platformer adventure that pays tribute to the classic games of the genre thanks to its exploration, combat, platforming and puzzle mechanics in an open world. Galand will have to use all his abilities in this great adventure in order to recover his youth.

Effie Review - 1

Effie Features:

Fight enemies, solve puzzles and explore an open world in this colorful adventure

Explore the beautiful lands of Oblena, full of dark magic

Travel with your faithful companion… the shield! It’ll be useful for fighting, guiding you and even travelling

Relive the classic 3D puzzle platformers titles with this tribute to the classic games of the genre

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Effie Review - 3

Effie Review - 4

Effie Review - 5

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