[Beyond PlayStation] Koral Review

by Tracey

Koral is an amazing game. It’s a very relaxing puzzler that takes place entirely beneath the ocean, offering a very different type of experience. Learn more in our Koral review!

Koral is set entirely beneath the ocean with beautiful visuals that transport you into this marine world with sea life and fabulous backgrounds you’ll explore on a 2D plane. You’re going to have a very relaxing experience with this game as you take it all in. The controls are simple, and to the point, so you won’t have to memorize complicated button combinations to have a good time with this indie release. It’s one of the best relaxing puzzler on the Nintendo Switch right now.

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For Koral, all you will need is the analog stick on your Joy-Con and one button. You will explore a path that, yes, is rather linear, but that is not a bad thing! As you move around each area, you will need to collect the luminous lights that will open a new path for you to explore. You will be interacting with different coral reefs and a nice variety of species so, who knows, you might end up learning some new things when playing this one! When you approach something you can interact with, a nice wall of text will appear, giving you some extra information about that coral or about a particular sea creature.

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The puzzles won’t ever get in your way, so you’ll be able to enjoy the overall experience from start to finish. As you collect the luminous lights, you will get to open new paths as you get closer to the flora or fauna of each location. It’s all about having a good time, and enjoying your time with the game, learning new stuff as you go. And you can also go for grabbing all collectibles, which you can check from the menu. You can do all of this at your own pace, which is something I really loved about the game.

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Koral reminded me of a similar game that was released on the Nintendo Wii many years ago, which was a pure underwater exploration game. The name escapes me, but the art style and overall feel are similar, and the music was to die for. Koral does a great job of providing players with a similar and great experience, with the musical charm you need to take on a charming underwater experience.

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Koral is a game that I was looking forward to reviewing, and I’m happy to report that it has everything I wanted and then some. I was thrilled to see the accessibility features on offer since you can choose the font size of the in-game text, which is absolutely fabulous since it makes the game more accessible for those with hearing and sight loss. With the one-button gameplay the game is also highly accessible to those with joint issues. I have nothing but high praise for the team who made a great effort into making their game as accessible as possible, while also giving us a game that is very relaxing and fun to play!

Koral Review - 5

This Koral review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Carlos Coronado.

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