[PS4Blog.net Interview] Blue Sunset Games On Assault On Metaltron

by EdEN, Owner

We’re doing a review on Assault On Metaltron, so I got in touch with Blue Sunset Games to talk a bit about the game. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Hi! Good to have you back with us. How are you doing today?

Hello. It’s good to be back. We’re busy working on different titles at the time, and we have managed to release Assault On Metaltron!

Assault On Metaltron Review - 1

PS4B: Speaking of that, Assault On Metaltron is now out on Nintendo Switch. What can you tell our readers about this game?

We at Blue Sunset Games prefer to work with our own ideas, as an independent studio would. The idea behind Assault On Metaltron was simple: to create an absorbing tower defense game. The idea itself was born during a game night in our studio. We thought about this one since there is a lack of tower defense games that can be played by two players.

Assault On Metaltron Review - 2

PS4B: Are there any differences between the Steam and the Nintendo Switch versions of the game?

Just a bit on the graphical side, but it’s the same version gameplay-wise.

Assault On Metaltron Review - 3

PS4B: With Assault On Metaltron ready on Nintendo Switch, are you currently working on a new project to bring to Nintendo’s console?

Yes, we are currently working on three titles. More info on these will be revealed a bit later in the year!

Assault On Metaltron Review - 4

PS4B: And that’s all the time we have today. Is there something else you’d like to add?

We hope you will enjoy Assault On Metaltron. In the end, we create games for all of you. If you have any tips, suggestions or want to report any issues, feel free to contact us. All the best!

Assault On Metaltron Review - 5

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