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by Tracey

Warparty from Warcave and Crazy Monkey Studios is a fun real-time strategy (RTS) release now out on PS4. Learn more about this one in our Warparty review!

Warparty is an interesting RTS game set in the stone age, which is why the characters dress the way they do, use the tools they do, and why things are a bit more simple since it’s a very “way back in the day” scenario. Warparty is fun in its own way, and other than a couple of issues I had while playing, it’s an easy one to recommend for the fans of the RTS genre. Are you ready to dive in?

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Warparty includes a single-player campaign plus online and co-op elements so that you get a chance to play the game with a couple of your buddies. The game takes the classic elements of RTS and distills them into a streamlined RTS experience with some resource management mechanics here, some harvest points there, and a lot of building up stuff and creating more units to help you push forward towards victory. Two important resources are food and crystals since you need to feed your crew and you need crystals to spend them to get things done.

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Your food supply is going to go out fast, so you’ll need to build a farm to speed things up or else you’ll be in trouble when your opponents get the upper hand. This requires money, so crystals will come into play. And to be successful you’re going to need a big enough population, and for that you’re going to need to set up different types of buildings so that you can increase your military force so that you can go into battle with confidence – or at least with a good idea of what your odds of surviving are. You will need to build training facilities to spawn military units and to upgrade your armies you will need research centers. Don’t forget you need to defend as well, so be ready to multitask a bit all times!

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You’ll get to a point where your need for crystals will overcome your need for food, so do create a building that will allow you to convert food to crystals so that you can boost your resources to have enough to create new units and upgrade them and your installations, because enemies can and will attack at any time. A good offense is sometimes the best defense, but you will sometimes need to focus on defense for a bit so that you can then go on an all-out counterattack.

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There are three factions in the game to choose from, each with some distinct elements and features. The Wildlanders is a free-spirited faction, the Vithara faction is a group of dinosaur killers, and the Necromas faction, as the name suggests, has the undead charm you know and love of everything with necro in the name. The Necromas was definitely a very interesting faction to join, so you should experiment and see what you can do with each one to find the faction that best suits your playing style. Each faction will have its own types of buildings and resources, and all have their own weapons and strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll get to see what each has to offer for you.

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Warparty is a game that brings together many of the elements you know and love of the RTS genre, while also doing its own thing. You can end up playing for hours with each faction just trying to see how they each work under a different scenario, and you’d still have plenty of content to play. Other than the in-game font size being too small, which made it hard to read the text for the menus if you’re not sitting 6-7 feet away from the TV, and there is no option to change it, so hopefully the team works on a path for this.

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This Warparty review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Crazy Monkey Studios.

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