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Are you ready to restore your Pa’s neglected workshop to its former glory? Then learn more about this gem in our
My Time at Portia review!

Before you can dive into this management sim release, you will need to create an avatar. Step one will be to select between a male or a female avatar. Once you’ve done this, you can customize it’s hair color, highlight, and length, face type and skin color, brow position, eyebrow shape, brow thickness, eye size, shape, height, and space, nose position and size, mouth size, height, and shape, as well as chin size, width, and length.

Portia, located on the coast of the Western Sea, is where you’ll need to travel to bring your Pa’s neglected workshop back to its former glory. After a long two minute initial loading time, your adventure will commence as you arrive at Portia by boat. You will be greeted by Presley, from the Portia Commerce Guild, who will take you to your Pa’s former workshop. You will need to win your Builder’s License by proving you’re up to the task.

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After waking up inside of the workshop, you will notice there are holes on the floor that need to be fixed, but they require that you have wood as a resource, which you don’t have quite yet. Once you set foot out of the workshop, you will notice some glowing items here and there. These are resources, and you should make sure to collect as many as you can because you never know when they will come in handy. After collecting some resources for a few minutes, you should start to pay attention to what the Workshop Handbook has to offer.

The Workshop Handbook will allow you to learn about the basics of the workshop. Your Pa wrote that the most important element is the Assembly Station. To use it, you need to go to the station, select a diagram, and then start placing the parts as needed. As long as you have the part ready, you can walk up to the framework and place it with the Y button. Once you’re done, the item will be added to your inventory. Other elements to consider are the stone furnace, which can melt simple ores (better ores will require a better furnace). There is a grinder to process small parts, a cutter for cutting down wood into boards, or a skiver for processing leather and fur to make fabric.

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You can also check some of the things you can build to progress in your quest, such as a wooden bridge, a wooden bridgehead, or more complex things like the transport which requires you to smelt five pieces of glass, a seat, a small engine, rubber tires (three to be precise), some wooden boards, bronze bars, and more. You can also learn to craft a grill for fish and meat or a water tank for, you guessed it, storing water – just be sure to use some water resistant paint!

You can also craft a wide variety of swords, axes, pickaxes, fishing rods, decorative items, pieces of furniture, elements to be used in larger and more complex crafting projects, different planks and plates that will serve as items for other crafting projects, glass, bricks, and metal bars, cables, pipes, wires, pieces of cloth, food and a ton more! How do a herbal juice and some dried apple slices sound? You could also blend some flour and dough, or perhaps some fertilizer for plants! Weapons are going to be important since, on top of everything else you can don in My Time At Portia, you will also do some dungeon crawling!

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Once you arrive at the Commerce Guild, you will be tasked with building a specific set of its to prove to have what it takes to be a crafter. This first challenge will open the way for you to take on other challenges published in the Portia notice board. These commissions will be posted by different characters on the island, and if you accept one, you will have a set time limit to complete them. Succeed, and you will receive a payment in gold, some experience points, some materials, and you will grow your relationship with that particular character.

Speaking of experience points, the actions you perform will rewards you with experience points that will go towards leveling up your character. Gather enough materials before building the first pair of items requested by the Commerce Guild, and you will be able to bump your character to level 2, gaining a boost to its total health and stamina as well as to other of its stats. Leveling up is also important since it will allow you to gain skill points.

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Your character can improve its skills set at the skill tree, spending its skill points at each level to unlock more skills at higher levels in said tree after spending five points in the previous level. Skills are split j into fight, gather, and social skills, which is why you can gain access to a nice variety of skills, such as intensive training, which boosts the experience you collect by 5%, dash which allows you to sprit, mastery of axe which decreases the stamina cost of using an axe by 25%, the giver, which increases the odds of receiving additional relationship points after gifting by 20%, or hot shot at the commerce guild, which gives you a one workshop point bonus and increasing your reward by 5% after completing a commission, to name some of the many examples in the skill tree.

If you press the X button you will open up the menu under which, along with tabs for your inventory, character, handbook, missions, social interaction, the map, and the photos you’ve collected, you will also have a very useful calendar which helps you know if there are any important days during which a special activity can be performed. These include things such as fishing, entering a martial arts tournament, the days during which a festival will take place (as well as the time of the day during which it will be active), and an album under which selfies, group photos, scenery, cut cutscenes you’ve unlocked, to name some examples.

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My Time at Portia is a charming exploration/farming/crafting/management sim/dungeon crawler on Nintendo Switch that is a lot of fun to play both at home or on the go. Other than the loading times – which have thankfully now been greatly improved by way of a patch – there is not much to complain about in this one. There are a ton of missions, side-missions and objectives to complete, a ton of materials to find, plenty of weapons, tools, items, pieces of furniture and more to craft, animals to tend to, gardens to take care of, and more!

This My Time at Portia review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Team17.

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