The Occupation Out On PS4 Tomorrow

by EdEN, Owner

White Paper Games and Humble Bundle are ready for tomorrow’s release of The Occupation on PS4. Come check it out!

The Occupation is a first-person, fixed-time, investigative thriller set in North West England on October 24th, 1987. You play as a journalist in a detailed, systems-driven world where people react to your actions and time is your biggest enemy.

It’s 1987 in North West England; A time of 80’s British pop, grand architecture and political unrest. An explosion has triggered a controversial act which threatens to erode civil liberties of the population to be rushed into place. You are tasked with investigating and questioning people on their actions from a tumultuous night which resulted in the loss of many lives. Each person has a different account of the night’s event and you must use the tools at your disposal to get the results you need for your investigation.

The Occupation - 1

We’re working on a review or The Occupation, so be sure to stick around at!

The Occupation - 2

The Occupation - 3

The Occupation - 4

The Occupation - 5

The Occupation - 6

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