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The Stillness of the Wind from Memory of God and Fellow Traveller is finally out on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this charming indie release in our The Stillness of the Wind review!

The Stillness of the Wind is a charming adventure in which you will take control of Talma, the last remaining person in a village that has been deserted by its former inhabitants for the promise of a better life in the city. Your goal in this game is to help Talma tend to her homestead and her goats in a charming experience that will keep you engaged from start to finish. As you decide what Talma will do in her day to day, you will need to decide what her day to day will be like, who she interacts with and how much she can get done.

You will start with a few chickens, a pair of goats, some pieces of goat cheese and a few pieces of hay. You will need to collect the eggs you can and cook some meals, feed the goats so that you can then get their milk to make more cheese, or use your seeds to grow vegetables – for which you’ll first need to prepare the land so that you can plan the seed so that you can then begin to take care of your crops.

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On a table inside of your house, you will find a letter from Rama who is in the city and has made it to graduation day. This is the first of the letters you will receive, bringing news from your family who has left the village behind. You will receive new letters thanks to the help of the traveling merchant, with whom you can also barter to trade for some much-needed supplies. You can also have a quick chat with him so that you can interact with another human being in your otherwise lonely life in the village.

You need to eat right, or you won’t have enough energy to carry out your day to day activities, so be sure to collect some vegetables, make some cheese from the goats’ milk, and collect some eggs from your chickens every day so that you can have enough things by the end of the day to not only barter with the traveling merchant, but also so that you can cook yourself a nice meal to increase your energy so that you can carry on with your life. What you do with each day is up to you, but if you’re up for it, I do have a few suggestions.

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The first thing you should do once you’ve prepared your land and planted some seeds is to go to the well outside of your home to collect some water. After doing this, water the seeds/plants, and drop the can next to your crops. Grab your bucket and go collect some milk from the goats since by then they have probably eaten and are full so that you can do your thing. Go and make some cheese since this will require a lot of energy, and you can set the milk to boil while you go and collect some eggs from your chickens.

It is around this time that the traveling merchant will visit, so you’ll collect a letter from a relative, barter for some hay and other supplies, and go into your house to read the letter, cook a meal, and perhaps read a book. Exit the house when it’s already dark, and make some cheese so that you can have something to eat the next day. Once your crops are ready to be harvested, do this before planting more seeds that you will need to water, and hence the overall cycle will need to be repeated in full.
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The Stillness of Life distills the farm simulation to give us a charming and entertaining experience that at first might seem a bit tedious, but rest assured that the game introduces some new things along the way that will keep you coming back for more. Things will at some point take a… peculiar turn at some point, but I don’t want to spoil that here, so you’ll need to play the game to see what it is! This indie release is $12.99, and it’s an easy one to recommend on Nintendo Switch.

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This The Stillness of the Wind review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Fellow Traveller.

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