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Minimalist platformer LOVE is a fun, and short 2D experience on Nintendo Switch that you should check out. Find out why in our LOVE review!

LOVE is a 2D platformer with a minimalist stylized look that is very easy to play and understand, but hard to master. All you have to worry about is moving your character with either the D-Pad or the left analog stick, jumping with the B button to take on the fun platforming action. The twist for this one is that you can create a checkpoint whenever you want by pressing the A button, as long as you’re standing on solid ground. Thanks to this, when you die – not an if but a when – you’ll be able to quickly respawn at the last checkpoint you created so that you can carry on with your fun-fun time.

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Each stage you take on will feature one color, in particular, set up against a very black background. Your character is a white stickman figure of sorts, and white is an essential color in this game. Something being white will let you know that you can interact with it, either as a good thing or a bad thing. Oval white objects? A great thing to find since you can jump on top of them and receive a boost to jump towards platforms that would otherwise be out of reach. White and very sharp spikes? Not such a good thing since they will kill you in one hit.

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The main mode for the game is Arcade in which you’ll have 100 lives to try and make it through the 16 levels that LOVE has to offer. Since you can set an unlimited number of checkpoints, you can take on the game at your own pace so that you can slowly but surely progress through each level. If you realize that 100 lives are not going to be enough, then you can instead play in Unlimited since it will give you unlimited lives and unlimited checkpoints to get through all 16 levels, which allows players of all skill levels to have a shot at completing this 2D platformer.

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If, on the other hand, you want to crank up the challenge to 11, you can take on Yolo mode. What this does is give you a single life to complete all 16 levels which, yes, is as hard as it sounds. Another option is the Speedrun mode where you’ll be going through each stage as fast as possible to complete the game with the lowest time possible. If you’ve completed the main game’s Arcade or Unlimited modes, then you might want to take a dive in Remix where you get to play through 7 remixed levels with only 25 lives. The final mode in LOVE is Kuso where you get to play through three stages from Kuso, a previous 2D platformer game from Mokuzai Studio, and you’ll get only 15 lives to play through the three levels, so good luck with that!

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If you’re into challenging 2D platformers that are fair and aren’t hard just for the sake of being hard, then you should definitely check out LOVE on the Nintendo Switch. It offers a hearty challenge and more than enough content to justify its budget $2.99 price, so be sure to check this one out!

LOVE Review - 6

This LOVE review is based on a Nintendo Switch code provided by Mokuzai Studio.

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