[Beyond PlayStation] Job the Leprechaun Review

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Herrero Games has released 2D platformer Job the Leprechaun on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Job the Leprechaun review!

In Job the Leprechaun you will take control of the titular character as you make him run and jump around each of the levels it has to offer. Since this is a 2D platformer, you’ll be able to see pretty much every enemy, hazard, and collectible at one quick glance, collecting lucky clovers so that you can open the door that leads to the next stage. To defend yourself, you’ll be able to use your hat to attack enemies to keep them comfortably away from you since a single hit is all it takes for poor Job to be defeated.

Job the Leprechaun Review - 1

You go out on this quest because an evil witch has kidnapped your best friend, so you must go out and rescue her before it is too late! During this short adventure, you will run into zombies, caterpillars, crocodiles, bats, wolves, and more, as you explore each of the 40 levels the game has for you. Along with your hat, you’ll sometimes find an item that allows you to throw a rolling projectile that will make short work of your enemies. There is also a very special item that will make you invincible, which is a very handy ability for this game!

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These can be found in trees, so be sure to hit them with your hat so that you can release them to make your run a lot easier. Sometimes you might even find an extra life in there which will be useful since, as I mentioned before, one hit is all it takes for poor Job to die. Run out of lives, and you’ll have to use a continue from the three you start with. Run out of continues, and you will get a proper, old-school game over, and will have to start all over again, back at the first stage of the game.

Job the Leprechaun Review - Mini-Game

There are bonus stages to play as well. In the regular levels, you will find a cow that you can use to bounce up to platforms that would otherwise be completely out of reach to Job. In the bonus stages, you will get to control the cow as it runs and jumps down a short area, avoiding enemies while you collect some extra lucky clovers for your trouble.

Job the Leprechaun Review - 3

Job the Leprechaun is a fun, and simple 2D platformer on Nintendo Switch available for a budget $2.99. The game is definitely worth its asking price since the 40 available levels will take you around an hour or two to complete depending on your skill will old-school infused platformers.

Job the Leprechaun Review - 4

This Job the Leprechaun review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Herrero Games.

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