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by ThaRaven403

Mixups by POWGI this time challenges you into solving some anagrams with three words at the same time. Read our Mixups by POWGI review to find out if this is worth playing!

The mixed-up anagram puzzle, where three connected words are hidden among a jumble of letters.


Mixups by POWGI Trailer

An anagram, by itself, can be challenging to find. It’s a word that you can create from the letters of another word. For example, you can form the word “below” out of the letters of the word “elbow” by rearranging them. Seeing the original word can help a lot to figure it out, as it would otherwise be hard to know what you’re actually trying to find.

And then Mixups by POWGI takes this concept to another level. The first thing is that each puzzle you have to solve contains three words, not just the one. They can be anything from three-letter words up to over ten-letter words. Your only hint at first are the three lines for the three words, each represented with underscore characters for each letter (so you’d see _ _ _ for a three-letter word).

Mixups by POWGI Review

As for the letters you need to find those words, well, they’re all scrambled together on the board! So looking at the board, you have absolutely no clue about what you’re doing. What can help you is the theme of the puzzles. For example, a theme can be anything from “shapes” to “shades of blue.” But with all the letters on the board, even with the hint that the words are related to shapes, or whatever team is thrown at you, it can be pretty challenging to figure the words out! And sometimes, the link to the theme is pretty far-fetched, so you really have to think “outside the box” if you want to get the solution. If you’re really stuck, there’s a hint system, but it will only give you the first letter of each word, and nothing more.

Each theme contain a total of 6 mixups, so you’ll have 18 words to figure out per theme. As for the number of themes in the game, you’re in for a really long time as there are 120 of them! If you do the math, you’ll quickly realize that this game is packed with content, and well worth the price.

Mixups by POWGI Review

The controls for the game are pretty simple. You just select the letters to spell out the word you found. If you screw up during your quest, you can always clear the ongoing word and start over. I stumbled a few times on a glitch where the letter I selected would automatically be deselected as if I had pressed the button two times, but pressing it back would choose it and fix things.

The visuals of the game are again some pretty standard for a word game layout, with the three spaces for the words to find on the left and the grid with the letters on the right. With this game being the third one I review in the POWGI series, I would’ve appreciated some new background music instead of the same one as the other games, but that’s not a deal-breaker

After the tutorial level, which didn’t really scramble up the letters, I thought I was in for an easy ride. Then I started the next theme, and the challenge hit me right in the face. This is far from being your standard crossword puzzle, and finding the words requires an elaborated vocabulary. If English isn’t your native language, like it’s the case for me, there are some words here and there that probably won’t be part of your known vocabulary. But no matter how challenging it was, I persevered because it was fun and challenging!

As for the trophies, if you’re up for the challenge the game offers you, it’s another POWGI title which means it’s another double platinum opportunity if you have your Vita! There are 32 specific themes you have to complete to earn their respective trophy, and once you’ve done them, all the Platinums will be yours.

Mixups by POWGI Review

Final Thoughts
From the three titles I’ve played in the POWGI series, this one is certainly the most challenging one. Mixups takes the simple concept of anagrams and kicks it up a notch to offer a rewarding feeling once you’ve found the solution, with a ton of content to play. Definitely worth playing if you like word games and some easy platinum opportunities!

PSN Price: $7.99


This Mixups by POWGI Review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Lightwood Games.

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