Massira Hits PlayStation 4 Today

by EdEN, Owner

Spanish indie studio Frost Monkey Games is ready to release Massira on PlayStation 4 in Europe. Come check it out!

Massira is a story driven, puzzle adventure game with a lowpoly style, where you will live the story of Numi and Yara, two Syrian refugees who make a trip to Europe. Inspired by facts and real experiences, you will face different problems from the fantasy perspective of the little protagonist.

Oriented to a sensitive audience and with a taste for games with social backgrounds, you can discover the hidden reality behind the fantasy while you enjoy as a child thanks to the careful artistic style.

With this project we hope to awaken the player’s empathy for the hardship that refugees are currently experiencing.

Massira Features

– Story with a social background.

– Unique artistic style, portraying a world between reality and fantasy.

– Scenarios inspired by the real journey of the refugees.

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