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Tied Together from Headup Games and Napalmtree Studios is a colorful and quirky 2D platformer. Learn more in our Tied Together review!

As the name suggests, in Tied Together you are asked to complete the many available levels by running and jumping through each stage while being tied to another player (or players depending on the mode you select). Because of this, Tied Together is primarily a multiplayer release, and you can either play in Duo Mode where you have 40 levels to complete, or you can go into Party Mode where you can take on 25 levels with three or four players.

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Each stage has a timer in the bottom left corner of the screen so that you can see how fast you and your friend(s) are at working together to complete the challenge at hand. You will need to run, jump and smash your way through each area, collecting keys to open doors and staying away from the deadly hazards that can end your life in one hit – the usual stuff such as spikes that are incredibly sharp. If any character dies, others can revive it by smashing it with a solid hit.

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The game will sometimes require that you place a character over a platform while the other swings from below to stay away from the deadly lava so that it can grab a key that will open the way, or you might need to swing over a hazard to make it to a spring that will send one character flying, thus forcing the other one to go airborne as well. Sometimes a character needs to go down a set of platforms, which would usually pull down the other character with him, which is why the one on the upper platform will need to dig into the ground to stand its position to act as an anchor.

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If you and your friends coordinate properly, stages can be completed in less than a minute. But since to do this you first need to learn a level’s layout, you’re probably going to end up replaying some of the staged here and there as needed. Plus, you know, you need to communicate, which sometimes can be a hurdle when one player ends up loving spikes or lava and can’t quite make a particular jump with the timing that is needed.

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Depending on how fast you complete a stage, you will be awarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. Once you get the hang on things and manage to complete a handful if stages you’ll be ready to try and improve on your overall time for each stage as you aim higher and higher. If you want to get nothing but Gold medals for the game’s levels you will need to work hard and coordinate so that you can make each jump count. Are you up for the challenge?

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Tied Together is a fun, colorful and hectic 2D platformer that will keep you busy for several hours. There is a demo in the Nintendo Eshop for the game in case you want to try before you buy, so be sure to give it a go!

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This Tied Together review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Headup Games.

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