[Beyond PlayStation] Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles Review

by EdEN, Owner

Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles brings us a new game with the same basics as the previous entry with a ton more puzzles to solve. Come check out our Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles review!

Instead of releasing more puzzles for Piczle Lines DX by way of DLC packs, Score Studios and Rainy Frog have decided to release a separate game with Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles. The puzzles are split into 25 puzzle packs, grouped under a theme in particular. For example, the themes for the puzzle packs you will play include China, Korea, Works of Genius, Works of Literature, One Color Puzzles, School Subjects, Sports, Media, Hobbies, Legendary Heroes, Mythical Objects, Creepy Crawlies, and more. Thanks to the variety of puzzle packs in Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles, you’ll be completing puzzles to unveil the Arc De Triomphe, the Mona Lisa, a dolphin, a pegasus, Beethoven, Heracles, Michelangelo’s David, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, an earth globe, math, soccer, a television, to name a few examples.

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As for how you play the game, you need to connect dots of the same color and same number by drawing a line between the two. Complete the line, and it will be added to the puzzle as a solid line of color. Puzzles will start to get bigger as you play, so you’ll need to move around the puzzle so that you connect all the dots. You can also zoom in and zoom out of the puzzle either by pressing the X or Y buttons or by using two fingers to pinch the touchscreen. The game includes a short “How to Play” section so that you can learn all of this on your own, so be sure to check that out.

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As a very nice bonus, Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles includes a bonus feature: The Art of Pizcle! You can visit this section from the main menu, and it will give you a look behind the scenes at how the game’s art was made. You’ll get to check out the development sketches for Score-Chan, the ones for Professor Matrix, how Gig evolved during development, the origin story of DBUG, how some of the puzzles were created for the game, a look at some of the icons for Piczle Lines DX, and a lot of the art used for the marketing of the games.

Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles Review - Art Of

I had a lot of fun reviewing Piczle Lines DX on Nintendo Switch, so I was definitely up for playing Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles for this review. The game is available for only $9.99, and with 500 puzzles to play, that’s less than 2 cents per puzzle. If you liked Piczle Lines DX, then you’re going to love playing Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles!

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This Piczle Lines 500 More Puzzles review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Rainy Frog.

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