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Pang Adventures from DotEmu is a new take on the 2D action arcade classic. Learn more in our Pang Adventures review!

In Pang Adventures, the aliens have come back to invade earth. Eyewitnesses have confirmed that a very large spaceship is hovering over Bora-Bora, and it is releasing thousands of spheres from the sky. This spaceship is only the first of many others that are making their way to other locations around the world. The only hope for the earth is the Pang Brothers who will use their skills, weapons, and expertise to come to the rescue of the entire planet.

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At first, you will only have access to Tour Mode, which is the main story mode for the game. Once you complete Bora-Bora in Tour Mode, you will unlock Panic Mode where you need to survive over 99 continuous levels as more and more spheres are dropped over you. Completing Tour Mode will also unlock Score Mode, where you will get an arcade experience since you’ll only have three lives and no continues, so you’ll need to make every shot count!

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The main gameplay mechanic is easy to understand: you move from left to right in each screen as you use your weapon to shoot a harpoon upwards to pop the big spheres bouncing around the screen. Hit one, and it will split it up into two smaller ones. Hit either one again, and they will once again split, so that you can destroy them for good. You need to race against the timer since if it runs out, you will lose. Along with this, you will also sometimes need to destroy colored blocks that are in the way, but doing so will sometimes release fruit you can eat to boost your score or other items that will help you.

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As for these power-ups that will aid you, your first one will be a Spray Gun which can fire in bursts at a steady pace to make short work of the spheres. You can also find another one that will let you shoot more than one harpoon at a time, a protective shield that will allow you to take an extra hit (which certainly comes in handy since one hit will be enough to kill you. When there are many small spheres to pop, a short-range flamethrower will be an excellent option. There is also a pick-up that will grant you a lot of bonus points if you’re lucky – it looks like reels on a slot machine. An hourglass is a convenient item as well since it will allow you to freeze time so that you can use those seconds to pop as many spheres as possible.

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Each stage has a target score for you to aim for if you want to 100% the game. To do this, you need to combo up your score by quickly popping the spheres to boost your combo meter. You also need to make every shot count, because if you miss then, your combo will stop. At the end of a stage, the game will tally up your score for the level, add s bonus for the time left in the stage, and also grant you a boost to your score if you don’t have any misfires. You can replay stages as much as you want to as you try and get a better high score by making good use of combos, grabbing all items that grant you bonus points.

The game will keep track of a lot of stats for your gameplay time. You will be able to check the number of spheres you have popped, the harpoons you have shot, the meters of cable deployed, the bullets fired, shuriken slashes, bombs detonated, totems shattered, bricks broken, for how long you’ve frozen time, the 1-ups you have obtained, the food eaten, the UFOs you’ve blasted, what percentage of the world has been freed, and more. It allows you to have a look at how much you’ve done during your time playing the game so that you can see how much you have left to go.

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Pang Adventure is a colorful, fun and fast-paced arcade-style experience that brings back memories of playing the original release back in the day on an actual arcade machine. This time around you will be taking on different types of spheres that are even deadlier than the last time, as well as on bosses that are up to no good. Can you save the world?

This Pang Adventures review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by DotEmu.

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