[Beyond PlayStation] Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds Review

by Dusk Fox

Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds by SEMISOFT is now available on the Nintendo Switch! Find out more about this beautiful and nostalgic JRPG-style game in our Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds review!

Most of the time, when you look for a JRPG or an RPG in general, most games fall into two categories: they are either based on what classic games before them established, with nostalgic, cookie cutter cut stories, mechanics and designs, or they want to be the most modern out there, with flashy graphics, complicated logistics and deep, branching narratives. But there’s a subclass of the JRPG genre that often gets overlooked, as it falls in the middle of these two, not only by its elements but due to its chronological spot: games from the 2000’s era. Many gems can be found in this group, and Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds from SEMISOFT feels like a love letter to all of them.

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You play as Finn, an amnesiac slave that has been purchased by a mysterious old man after an incredible display of power during a gladiator match. This man tasks him with guarding him through a desert in order to deliver medicine for his daughter. By this point, you’ve already learned about the land and the tragedies that plague it. You know there’s magic and that anyone can potentially use it. There’s this vast world waiting to be explored and lots of characters that will help weave the rich story and the secrets behind a prophecy. The game does a great job at balancing dark and serious themes with light and fun ones, without being cheesy or too grim. It does fall into a few tropes and clichés here and there, but nothing outstandingly bothersome.

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The gameplay is very interesting. Most of it revolves around a turn-based combat system, expected for a game in this genre, with attacks, magic, items, and the like, but what makes it stand out is the use of quick time event (QTE) prompts for these actions. A wheel will appear for you to perform an action, and this will determine things like how much damage you deal or if you even hit your enemies at all. It’s an interesting take on the usual turn-based combat style, but it’s also a very unforgiving one. You need to get used to it, because you will use it a lot. This can be seen as either a good thing, as it keeps you active and focused instead of letting you go on autopilot, or as a bad thing, as it can become frustrating if it’s not a mechanic you are used to. The game also has quite a high difficulty level, as mistakes can greatly set you back.

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However, there are instances that could be considered as mini-games that drastically change their gameplay mechanics from one to the other. While these can be a good change of pace from time to time, some of them may feel a bit boring or not as polished as the main combat system. However, these usually go as fast as they came, so it’s a much more tolerable experience.

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The graphics and sound complement each other in this JRPG entry. They aren’t anything over the top, and honestly, they don’t really need to, as they provide a nice experience that can be thoroughly enjoyed, even if they never take center stage of it. But sometimes, there are a few things that can be quite noticeable, like some bugs that mess up the character’s speech, portraits or even models, as well as some typos here and there, as well as the text sometimes feeling quite small while playing in Handheld or Portable mode. Nothing game breaking and these issues will probably get patched soon enough.

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I’m happy to say that Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds is a nice way to start your JRPG the year, feeling right at home on the Nintendo Switch that provides the chance to enjoy this great title on the go. It’s definitely a strong pick for any JRPG fan out there looking for brand new titles to add to their collection, as it will surely provide you with dozens of hours of fun if you are up for the challenge. Maybe not as the first option for those that want to get started with the genre, but certainly a great pick for those familiar with it.

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