[Beyond PlayStation] Flood of Light Review

by Tracey

Flood of Light is a gorgeous 2D adventure on Nintendo Switch with a beautiful art style and solid puzzles to solve. Find out more about this gem in our Flood of Light review!

Flood of Light does not tell you anything about the story for its adventure, which is why you find that out as you progress through the game in a particular way. You see, you will learn about the story through the robots that are scattered around the city. On top of that, you will get to learn more about what happened by reading the emails you can find in mailboxes as you progress in this adventure.

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You will explore a city ravaged by a flood, a town that has been abandoned by its inhabitants due to the dangerously high water level. You take control of a girl known as the Guide, a very small girl if I might say so which definitely contrasts with the large locations she visits. The game does look great, with a very clean art style that helps everything pop on the screen as you try to solve the light-based puzzles you find in each area to be able to carry on and lower the water level of the city.

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The core mechanic of the game is light, so you will be using the girl’s power to collect small glowing orbs so that you can then use them to light up the lanterns you find until you get to the area that has the monoliths, the Sky Pedestals where you can use your power to finally lower the water level of the city, one bit at a time. You will see the water level’s height on the screen, and every time you lower it you will see how far you’ve gotten with your efforts in freeing the city of the flood.

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You will use the triggers on the Joy-Con and the analog sticks to create a sphere around the girl, so that you can collect the glowing orbs that are within that area. The same area will establish how far away you can move the orbs so that you can link the orbs from lantern to lantern. This is how you solve puzzles to open the way to new spots, and you will need to pay attention to the order in which you light the lanterns since you might make a mistake and leave a chain of lanterns with some unlit, and you won’t be able to progress and will need to restart the area.

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Something I do have to mention and complain about is that there are some spelling and grammar errors in the text presented in the game, which you will spot all over the dialogue in the interactions you have with the robots, as well as on the emails you find in the mailboxes. This is not a deal-breaker since it can be fixed if the team revises the text by way of a patch, but it is something that I wanted to talk about so that you are aware of it.

Flood of Light Review - 5

Flood of Light is a charming 2D puzzle game with a great art style and fun gameplay mechanics that will keep you entertained for around 4-5 hours depending on how good you are with puzzle games. Can you save the city from the flood and completely lower the water level?

This Flood of Light review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Indienova.

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