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Crayola Scoot from Outright Games is a colorful and fun game that can be described as Splatoon meets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Learn more in our Crayola Scoot review!

Your adventure will start with the create-a-character menu in which you’ll get to create your own character for your time with Crayola Scoot. You’ll first pick between a boy or a girl, and you’ll then select your character’s skin color from the available options. Next up is choosing your character’s size from small, medium or tall. The next option is for the color of your splat from the eight color options. The final step is when you select your character’s name. Once you’ve done all this, the game will load up the main hub where you will get your scoot.

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As for the game’s controls, you steer with the left analog stick, while the same stick use used for rotating or flipping when you’re up in the air. The right analog stick is for jumping, and you can tap up for a hop jump or hold down and then tap up to charge a jump. While in the air, the right analog stick will be used for activating tricks. The B button (or the L and R buttons) is for boosting, while the A button is for braking. The X button, or the ZL button, is for grinding, and the ZL button is for accelerating.

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You’ll get a chance to practice a bit once you enter the Crayola Scoot world. The game will teach you all the basics, as you learn how to move and jump, as well as how to boost to leave behind a trail of paint. As you boost you’ll leave paint behind, draining your color bar – worry not since it will fill back up as time passes. But if you want to fill it up quickly, you can ride over your own color to speed things up. The game will also allow you to practice how to perform the basic tricks in the game. You’ll also learn about triggers, which need to be colored to be activated.

Once you’re ready to go, you’ll need to enter the portal in the central hub to select an area to visit. After that, you’ll pick the stage you’ll take on, as well as the difficulty at which you’ll play it (easy, medium or hard). You’ll be graded on your performance for each stage with up to three stars depending on how good you do. The more tricks, grinds and the more you color, the better you’ll be graded. After time runs out, the stage will be over, and you’ll be given points for your effort based on the difficulty you selected, for completing the event, and for completing bonus objectives. These points will be added to your experience bar so that you can level up.

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As you play the game, you’ll get the chance to upgrade your scooter. You can work on improving its handlebars, the deck of the scooter or the wheels. You start out with the basic version of each of these three components, and you can upgrade them increase your scooters jump, speed, handling, tricks and boost stats. Some upgrades will improve your stats a bit, while others increase a stat considerably while also lowering another stat, so you’ll need to pay attention and balance things out as needed.

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There is also the option of changing your character’s overall look by buying some new clothing with the coins you’ve earned. You can select from 24 helmets, 30 tops, and 24 bottoms, and once you purchase a new item of clothing, you’ll be able to mix and match items from all three categories to customize the way your character looks in the game. If you want to 100% the game, you’ll not only need to obtain a lot of coins to buy all clothing options, as you’ll also need to get good at the game so that you can open up the clothing items that are locked down at the start.

Along with the primary campaign mode, you can also go into the Arcade and select one of the available events (Color Frenzy, Splat Tag, Crazy Canyons, Trick Run, Team Color Frenzy, Cruise, and S-C-O-O-T. Up to four players can take on an Arcade event but worry not if you’re playing on your own since you’ll be able to go up against five AI controlled bots if you decide to partake in some Arcade mode fun.

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Crayola Scoot is a very fun and colorful game on Nintendo Switch that will surely please young players. It has a ton of content to enjoy, and being able to take on the campaign mode or diving into some multiplayer action will keep them busy for a while. My daughter had a lot of fun playing the game, so if you have kids then you should check this one out!

This Crayola Scoot review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Outright Games.

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