[PlayStation 4] Super Volley Blast Review

by Tracey

Super Volley Blast is a fun and colorful minimalist sports game on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Super Volley Blast review!

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Super Volley Blast from Unfinished Pixels took me by surprise. It’s a basic and simple volleyball game, but it was a hell of an entertaining release! I had a ton of fun playing the game, and it is one that is suitable for players of all skill levels. There are no overcomplicated tutorials, no hard control schemes to learn. This one is very easy to pick up and play, and you can take on the game in co-op or by playing with AI bots. It’s a game that is definitely worth a look!

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The game offers a Story mode, Quick match, and tournament. Story mode is the meat of the game and is full of pleasant surprises. The story advances a bit like, say, a career mode, where you play against others in pairs. Story mode offers you a chance to play as some funky characters that will probably remind you of someone else. For example, you can play as Mob Barley. Ring a bell? What if you switch around the first consonant of each name? There are many other characters that will pay homage to famous individuals you might recognize.

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On top of the regular gameplay you also have challenges to tackle on as well as some in-game achievements, on top of the trophies you can earn. The thing I liked the most about the game is that, despite having a cute cartoony art style, the game stays true to the actual volleyball rules while giving us a solid arcade-style release. For Super Volley Blast the max number of players for a match is four, with matches that can take you around 10 minutes to complete. As for tournaments, these can last around 20-30 minutes.

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Super Volley Blast is a fun, colorful and addictive arcade-style release on PlayStation 4 that will keep you coming back to play “just one more game” over and over again. The game managed to grab my attention right from the start, and I kept playing more and more to also work on unlocking the many trophies the game has to offer, because this one has a Platinum trophy to achieve with objectives such as winning matches in Story mode, playing many matches in all of the game’s modes, saving many custom avatars, playing a quick match, winning a game after your opponent scores no points, performing 100 blocks and many more. The game is worth playing with more than enough content, a full trophy list, and a reasonable price.

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This Super Volley Blast review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Unfinished Pixel.

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