[PlayStation 4] Super Destronaut DX Review

by Tracey

Love Space Invaders? Then Super Destronaut DX is a game you’re going to dig. Find out why in our Super Destronaut DX review!

Super Destronaut DX is pretty simple to play since you control a small spaceship and you move back and forth on a 2D plane while firing missiles at a stack of enemies above you. There are plenty of power-ups to help you, with some that increase your firepower, others that increase your score, one that tracks your enemies and more – the power-ups you gain are totally random. The enemies above you are not all sitting ducks (but some are) since others will end up fighting back, so you need to dodge their fire if you want to stay alive. The good news is that your enemies’ attack patterns don’t change, so once you learn them you will know what you’ll be up against – just be sure to learn fast since you only have three lives before you get a game over.

Super Destronaut DX Review

As a level progresses, the enemies will move down one line at a time just like in Space Invaders. Surviving without getting hit will have your score multiplier increase, which is what you must aim for. Speaking of which, getting a specific score is needed for one of the Gold trophies, so be sure to keep that in mind. If you score high enough, you may even get your name in one of the top spots on the online global leaderboards. And if the repetition is becoming too much for you, there are other modes to enjoy. The game offers 30 challenges, covering all levels of difficulties, and the variety of said challenges is pretty good, and if you’re a trophy hunter, you will be happy to know that you don’t need to complete them to get your Platinum trophy.

Super Destronaut DX Review

And if the Challenge mode is not enough for you, then how about Time Attack mode? This mode is pretty self-explanatory since the goal is to achieve the highest score possible in the time limit you have. Super Destronaut DX also offers two-player multiplayer in which you can duke it out for the highest score possible. Can you beat your opponent’s score?

Super Destronaut DX Review

Graphically speaking the art style is very retro while also being very brightly with a ton of colors, helping everything pop. The game also offers Cross-Buy functionality, so you’re getting two potential Platinum trophies with a single purchase, which is always a great deal for trophy hunters. There are trophies for dying (an easy one to get), for completing one, three, six and twelve challenges, for reaching 25k, 50k and 100k points in Classic mode, for killing one special red enemy, and more.

The nostalgia factor in Super Destronaut DX is very high since, as I’ve mentioned before, it will remind most of you of Space Invaders, which is definitely not a bad thing! The colorful art style, solid gameplay mechanics, and the shiny (double) Platinum trophy at the end of the road will keep you very happy, and you can’t complain about its budget $4 price!

This Super Destronaut DX review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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