[PlayStation 4] SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~ Jeanne DLC Review

by ThaRaven403

Here comes yet another challenger to the ever-growing roster for SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~! This time, I got to try Jeanne – learn more about her in our review!

Let me start by giving you a brief history on Jeanne. She originally appeared in the World Heroes series, which I remember playing on the Sega Genesis port of the game, as it was initially released on the Neo-Geo. In that series, most of the fighters were based on actual heroes and renowned individuals, and, in this case, Jeanne is based on the 15th-century hero Joan of Arc.

In terms of speed, she’s in the middle of the pack considering all the DLC fighters I’ve tried. She isn’t as slow as Miss X and not as fast as Thief Arthur. But what she lacks in speed, she more than makes up in range. You see, Jeanne is armed with a sword which gives her an incredible range of attack. On top of that, swinging her sword when the opponent is airborne also has a lot more reach, thusly making it easier to prevent air attacks. As for her Dream Finishers, there’s one you have to do in the air where she takes makes a big swing with her sword, which doesn’t have a lot of range and you have to be close to your adversary to make it count. The standard one, on the other hand, where she jumps with a golden bird with her covering most of the screen, was really efficient and helped me reach my highest streak in the survival mode with any character!

Final Thoughts
In the end, from all the DLC fighters I’ve reviewed so far, Jeanne is the one I’d recommend the most. Her range of attack makes her a foe to fear, not to mention that her standard Dream Finisher should help you rack up a lot of victories!


Price: $4.99 (each character)

This SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ review is based on PlayStation 4 copies provided by NIS America.

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