[PlayStation 4] Razed Review

by Tracey

Razed is a fast-paced speedrunning racer/platformer; with and vibrant colors for a stunning release. Learn more in our Razed review!

Razed is a fast-paced single player platform racing game where you must guide our hero to the end of each level in the quickest time possible. He is strapped into a pair of power shoes that give great abilities like super-speed, huge jumps and drifting, but these features come at a price – if the shoes run out of power they will explode! Luckily the shoes are recharged simply by moving quickly, so just don’t slow down!

Razed Review

Speed is the name of the game, and in Razed you’ll race against the clock across 60 levels of pure fast-paced action. As well as a racer the game is also part platformer, making it even tougher as you will have to make some well-timed jumps. There is an element of trial and error here, as mistakes will happen, and quite a lot too., but you’ll learn from it all and start to get better at the game. As you progress, the tracks become more complex, so you should always be paying attention. Gaining momentum is of utmost importance since without it you won’t be able to achieve the fastest times for each area. You need to have a high level of concentration and skill to be great at this game, which in turns means that this is not particularly suited for casual gamers.

Razed Review

It is also worth noting that the shoes you wear are explosives, so to avoid an explosion you need to build up enough speed. Remember the movie Speed 2 with Sandra Bullock driving a bus packed with explosives? The mechanic is kinda similar here, so if you go too slow… booom! If you’re really good at speedrunning and carry on you will be able to unlock new abilities that can also be upgraded when you find tokens. It’s also worth noting that you can’t just use your abilities when you feel like it! You have an energy bar, and when it’s completely depleted, you won’t be able to use any more abilities.

You have 60 levels to chew through and how long that takes really depends on your personal skill level. This is a game aimed at only the most skilled of players, as you will need to learn the basics and then apply some good old-fashioned trial and error to find the best ways to take on each of the levels as you put the petal to the metal, so to speak. I can definitely see this game being played in Games Done Quick, the biggest speedrunning event out there.

Razed Review

Graphically, Razed is very pretty with modern cartoon-like looks, with a bright and vibrant vide and a really good level of polish. Razed is very decently priced as well, so if you’re skilled in the arts of speed, running, and plaforming, then you should definitely give Razed a go. Enjoy!

This Razed review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by PQube LTD.

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