[Beyond PlayStation] Mech Rage Review

by Tracey

Mech Rage is a top-down fast-paced arcade shooter on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Mech Rage review!


The game that has two main modes: Mission and Inferno. Your goal is straightforward and to the point: you must clear rooms of enemies to progress into other rooms and the rinse and repeat. The game is rather short and can be completed in a little over an hour and change depending on your skill, but it’s a fun hour and change in this fast-paced, action-packed one-room-at-a-time arena-style release.

Mech Rage Review - 6

Mission Mode is the meat and butter of the game. Each room is small and shooting and destroying everything will drop various items, including money which you use for upgrades. As soon as you appear the room fills up with enemies, and you must shoot everything that moves (and everything that doesn’t but attacks you!) to be able to open the exit and move on to the next room. Make sure you shoot at all the containers and other destroyable objects so that you can get some extra items, ammo, and money, especially since some containers also have upgrades for you, and it would be foolish to ignore the valuable upgrades!

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You can customize your mechs to your liking, changing the colors, weapon loadouts, and more. You can also, of course, upgrade your mech parts with the money you have collected so that you can maximize your damage, defense, etc. You can make your purchases before the start of any new mission, so be sure to put your money to good use so that you can have a better chance of surviving the incoming onslaught. As for your loadout, you have two weapons: primary and secondary, which is pretty standard for twin-stick shooters. Your secondary weapon is more powerful than the primary, but because of the ammo, it is pretty limited, so you won’t be using it much until you’ve managed to upgrade it. Some of the upgrades are a bit on the expensive side, so you might have to do a bit of grinding to get the money you need.

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One of my complaints for the game is that when your life meter is low the red light will begin to flash, and this happens when you still have around half of your meter left, which can be a bit distracting when you’re out there trying to evade your enemies’ attacks and trying to stay alive. Maybe a single “WARNING!” pop-up or even a voiceover alert would have been a better option – this is not a deal-breaker but something I did want to mention since it did take a bit for me to get used to it while playing. You’ll also need to learn how strong each enemy is as you battle them since they don’t have health bars, which means that some enemies can be one-shot while others will be able to take a beating.

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Despite having a scoring system, there are no leaderboards for Mech Rage in which to post your high scores, which in this day and age sort of defeats the purpose of having a scoring system in the first place, since nowadays it’s all about the bragging rights basically. For Mech Rage you don’t have any scores to beat nor can you compare your score against that of your friends or of players around the world, which I do think is a missed opportunity. Graphically speaking the game looks good, with a slightly futuristic feel with how the mechs and the enemies have been designed to look.

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Mech Rage is a challenging game, even on normal difficulty, but it’s an overall fun but short experience. You will need to plan your moves and how you approach each room in the game if you want to stay alive because enemies can easily overwhelm you as soon as you make a mistake. The good news is that even if you die, you can respawn in the same room so that you can learn from what you did wrong and carry on until the end. Some levels have minor puzzle and platforming elements, which is something I’d like to see the development team expand on for a potential sequel or even for extra content for this one.

This Mech Rage review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Drageus Games.

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