[Beyond PlayStation] Koloro Review

by Dusk Fox

Koloro by QubicGames is a colorful puzzle/platformer on Nintendo Switch. Find out more about this single button game in our Koloro review!

Yes, you read that right, Koloro is a single button game. You can only press one button. Sounds easy? I assure you, it isn’t as easy as it seems! You can only control one thing for this one: jumping. All other things, including the direction you are moving in, are automatic and set at a fixed speed, and you can only change this by timing your jumps. More than a platformer, this game really shines in the clever way it lays out its puzzles, as you really don’t have any choice other than pressing that one button to get through the levels and their myriads of spikes, traps, and enemies to reach the crystals required to open the exit.

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With such a simple gameplay mechanic, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the story is rather simple as well. You play as Kora (who manifests as the little square you play as), and you have to save your sister. Sometimes, you don’t really need a grand narrative to set the stage for a fun experience, and this certainly seems to be the case with Koloro.

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The music is nice, maybe a little weird at times, but it fits the general theme and feel of the game. While the graphics are nothing revolutionary, they are charming in their own way, as the constant contrast between the background and the platforms presents to us a certain inviting atmosphere that lets you focus on the trance-like state this style of gameplay can put you into.

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Marked as a platformer with some puzzle style thrown in, one could maybe argue there is some similarity to rhythm games as well since, once you get the rhythm just right, you can be absorbed into the game and the timing of the jumps becomes second nature without taking away from the challenging style of the hundreds of levels you’ll get to play.

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When deciding about whether this game is for you or not, it all comes down to one thing: if you like the first dozen or so levels, you will probably like the other 30+ stages it offers. If not, then it might be harder for you to really get into this one or you might find it a bit tedious. Kolori is certainly a good game that you can pick up and complete some levels here and there to come back to it whenever you want or can, so be sure to pick this one up for your Nintendo Switch!

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This Koloro review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.

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