[Beyond PlayStation] Cake Laboratory Review

by Dusk Fox

Cake Laboratory by Square Heads Games is a casual-style release on Nintendo Switch! Learn more about this cake-tastic game in our Cake Laboratory review!

When it comes to gamers nowadays, most people think of hardcore gamers who tend to look down on more “casual” experiences, but the Nintendo Switch eshop library doesn’t abide by this train of thought! Cake Laboratory is a perfect example of this, aimed at casual gamers or little ones just starting their gaming experience!

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The game revolves around two things: Stacking cakes and decorating them. Both are very simple to do, since you just need stack as many as you can without them falling down to beat the level, and this is a cycle that will repeat on every level after that, with the difficulty slightly going up as you progress through the game. You also get to design the very cakes you are going to stack, which is a fun diversion! At first, you can only decorate the basic cakes, but as you beat more levels, you get access to new styles of cakes, with dozens of ways to personalize them to create them just the way you like them!

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There is a limit to how many cakes you can have in your decorated shelf, but you can always delete a current one and make room for an entirely new creation, or you can wait a bit since you will unlock extra slots as you finish more levels. This is perfect for those who like to give a personal touch to their games or for the little ones who always want to get their hands on something creative – not to mention it can be exciting for them to play with something they created!

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For parents, it’s always nice to have a variety of options for their kids to play with, and at such a cheap price it’s a great option to fill up your library with a game that anyone can get the hang of in less than a minute. It’s also a nice game to slot in for a few minutes between other games so that you can spend some time with your kids as they try to stack all cakes as high as possible. This game is best for those who like to do repetitive tasks, which is usually a constant in casual games.

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It also has a big one-up over similar games for other platforms: the lack of microtransactions. These are any parent’s bane, as they are all flashy money grabs. But being on the Nintendo Switch means that you only need to pay a low price for the game, with nothing else to worry about – your wallet is safe. This is a fun and easy to understand casual-style release that you’re going to have fun with. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but games don’t need to do that with every release, right?

Cake Laboratory Review - 5

This Cake Laboratory review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by GRIMTALIN.

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