Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story Demo Out

by EdEN, Owner

PQube got in touch to announce there is a new demo out for Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Ceidz liked the game when he reviewed it, as he played this budget release to complete its many main story quests as well as the side-quests it had to offer.

Putting you in the shoes of a newly appointed principal, your role in Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is to build and manage an academy to train the heroes, mages and adventurers of tomorrow! This also means that everyday decisions lie in your hand: Do you tell a student that’s late for class off or make an indulgent exception? Will you only accept the best and brightest upstarts or also give apprentices with bad stats a chance to prove their potential?

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story

Build and manage your school infrastructure
From the dormitories your students sleep in, to the classrooms where they learn – there are over 20 buildings and facilities you can build and upgrade to make your school!

School rooms and extensions
The lifeblood of your school, these include the likes of classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and practice rooms. Improving these will help make your students more powerful!

Out buildings and school grounds
Open-air theatres, blacksmiths, dormitories and training grounds! These facilities will help your students feel at home or provide them with the means to craft powerful weapons!

Quests and missions
Sending your students out on quests is the best way to get them ready for the world!

Take control
You can send students on quests unsupervised or take control of them directly, battling and adventuring in real time! Slay monsters for XP and search areas for materials and loot!

Party strategy
Switch students on the fly, tell party members to stand their ground or attack – using the correct strategy in battle will mean the difference between success and failure!

Graduate the best
Your finest students can’t stay in school forever! The highest achieving students are your prized asset – with powerful mages, priests and warriors earning your school great rewards!

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