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Hellfront: Honeymoon from SkyGoblin is the first game published by the recently created Thunderful Games. Learn more about this one in our Hellfront: Honeymoon review!

Hellfront: Honeymoon is a twin-stick action-packed shooter on PlayStation 4 that offers two gameplay options so that you can take on the game on your own or with a second player in local co-op (in its Missions mode), or for you to go all out and play with two to four players in its multiplayer only Deathmatch mode. The controls for the game are simple and to the point. You move around with the left analog stick and aim with the right one, as is usually the case with a twin-stick shooter. If you want to fire your weapon, then you do so with the R2 button. The Square button is for selecting your barracks, while the Triangle button is for your turret. You can deploy units by pressing the L2 button, and that’s pretty much all you need to worry about.

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Once you start, you will get thrown into a short tutorial section for you to get the hang of things. You will get to aim and shoot at the hexagonal columns blocking your path so that you can make your way to the yellow glowing hexagon where you will get to place a turret with the Triangle button. Once the turret’s build bar is filled, the turret will start to automatically target any enemies in its vicinity. You’re probably going to die once you destroy the AI turret since enemies will spawn out of it, but worry not since once you die you will quickly respawn – while your turret takes care of your enemies.

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The spot where the enemy turret once stood will also glow, which means you can place your barracks there with the Square button. Every ten seconds your barracks will produce a squad of marines, which you can deploy to a specific location by pressing the L2 button on the corresponding hexagon. By deploying your marines close to the enemy turret as they spawn they will start to deal damage at a steady pace, eventually destroying the turret once you send your second squad its way.

The second tutorial mission will have you fighting against three enemy turrets, but it will be an overall easy fight since you start the mission close to three glowing hexagons where you can quickly build three barracks from which three squads of marines will spawn after the ten seconds mark. Deploy them near the first enemy turret so that they can cover for you before you go in for the kill, build a turret that can help defeat the enemy marines deploying from the upper left corner of the screen, destroy some of the columns around the turrets so it can see the enemy marines as they deploy, and send all of your squads to the second enemy turret so that you can balance your offensive and defensive efforts.

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The final tutorial mission will have you destroying the hexagons that are keeping you from reaching two extra glowing spots in the middle of the map while you keep the enemy at bay, making your way closer and closer to its barracks so that you can destroy them to claim victory. As you destroy the hexagons near the glowing spots, you will need to be careful since they will sometimes have enemy spawn sacks from which aliens will pop out, quickly killing anyone around them before you realize they have even spawned. Once you finish the last tutorial mission, you will be rewarded with a trophy for your effort.

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As you play the content from the Missions mode, you’ll be able to upload your results to the game’s online leaderboards so that you can see how good you really are. Your time total for each of the stages will be uploaded, and you will be able to compete with others as you try and find the best strategy for completing each stage as quickly as possible. The more you play the game, the more attuned you will become with its gameplay mechanics, so that you can understand when turrets are a better option than barracks or the other way around. You might, for example, place a turret on a spot that, when the turret drops, will destroy the surrounding hexagons, allowing your turret to get some good shots on the enemy barracks close by. I’ve managed to hit the top three spots in all stages for the first planet so far, and I plan to go back to improve my times in the rest of the stages as well!

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Speaking of trophies, Hellfront: Honeymoon does not have a Platinum, but it does have a long list of trophies. Objectives include a player being smashed by a falling building that has been destroyed, for destroying four buildings and building one of your own within 10 seconds, for destroying five buildings in five seconds, for killing four players without dying, for building five buildings within three seconds, for anyone killing 80 aliens within an eight second window, for completing all missions with one star, two stars and three stars, to name some examples. It’s a long list of nothing but bronze trophies, so you’ll be spending a while playing the game to 100% it. Stars are obtained by completing a mission within a set time limit, so do keep that in mind as you play! Oh, and trophies pop after you complete a mission, which is a bit weird.

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Hellfront: Honeymoon is a very addictive arcade-style strategy release for one to four players that you’re going to love. Taking on the game on your own or with a friend in the single-player/two-player co-op Missions mode is very fun, and you’ll end up coming back to those levels as you aim to improve your overall time for each stage, while the two to four player Deathmatch mode will offer a ton of replay value as you try to carefully plan your strategy to win enough matches to reign supreme. Go check this one out!

This Hellfront: Honeymoon is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Thunderful Games.

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