[PS4] Fossil Hunters Review

by Tracey

Fossil Hunters is one of the most fun puzzlers on PlayStation 4 I’ve played in a while. Find out why in our Fossil Hunters review!

Fossil Hunters can be played solo or with up to four players going at it in local multiplayer. It’s most definitely more fun to play in co-op, but it’s also fun in solo mode. The goal is to use a fossil diagram to then find the fossil pieces to fit on the diagram, sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s very fun and also relaxing. In local co-op, it’s more frantic with the four of you working together while also competing against each other.

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You play as a Paleontologist, a person who studies fossils for a living. You or a group of friends visit a variety of underground caves and dig for fossils creating a complete skeleton of a dinosaur. The game is quite addictive, and the best thing of all is there is no combat – the game is also open to creativity. After you have assembled the dinosaur and submitted it for a bit of money, you can have fun with the remaining fossils and create what you want and submit that for money as well. To make the game a little more fun, there are objectives you can complete for various customers who want a dinosaur built in a specific way, such as a dinosaur with six spines or with multiple heads. Gems can also be found while digging through dirt.

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The fossils are on tiles which you can rotate, and the rotation mechanic can be a little fiddly, but once you have the tile rotated the correct way and placed it in the correct spot, the diagram will turn blue, and subsequent tiles that are placed correctly will snap into place. Once completed the tiles will disappear leaving a glowing dinosaur ready for submission. The fossils come in all shapes and sizes, some you can drag, and others are small enough you can carry. The body types and shapes will be more varied as you progress. Dinosaur diagrams will get bigger and more complex to complete, but the fun factor also increases as you continue to play.

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In case you are thinking “This game is way too easy,” let me tell you that after playing a few levels, you will find that the challenge will really ramp up considerably. Fossils aren’t the only thing you’ll find in caves. There are various creepy crawlies that will damage your precious fossils, bugs that bite at the fossils, bringing down their value, as well as all sorts of funguses that cover the fossils, so you will need to sweep the fungus away. Caves are notorious for cave-ins, and you will experience maaaany cave-ins that can, obviously, destroy your fossils.

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There are items that can help you with your fossil hunts. There are some that can prevent cave-ins or lamps that you can use to see in the dark. You will be able to purchase these from merchants in your lab. If you want to use your items on your next excavation, you simply take them to your elevator, and they will travel with you. If you find any gems don’t forget to pick them up and place them in the elevator back to your lab since they’ll be useful for your adventure.

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Fossil Hunters fun and crazy good when played either on your own or in (local only) multiplayer – the more, the merrier! Each level lasts for as long as you want since you can stick around long after you complete a dinosaur diagram and any extra objectives, as you search for any collectibles so that you can fill up your journal. I have had a blast playing this one, and other than some mild slowdown here and there – which is not a deal-breaker – I recommend you play it today!

Fossil Hunters Review - 6

This Fossil Hunters review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Reptoid Games.

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