[PlayStation 4] Shift Quantum Review

by Tracey

If you want a puzzler that will give your brain a decent workout, then Shift Quantum is the game for you. Find out why in our Shift Quantum review!

The core gameplay hook of the game is that you can shift by entering a portal that turns the level upside down and switches colors, all as you try to reach the level’s exit. As you can imagine, the difficulty ramps up as you play, with puzzles that start to introduce new elements and some hazards to keep you guessing. Traps and hazards are “one hit, and you’re dead,” but luckily you don’t lose a lot of time when giving a level another go. The game might end up being very challenging, but it’s also a fair and fun puzzler – I had a blast playing the game!

Shift Quantum Review - 2

As you progress in the game the puzzles become more maze-like, which means you have to carefully navigate your way to the exit by using the shift mechanic, or else you will end up being trapped and will need to reset the state. There are other gameplay mechanics that will be introduced to spice things up, as is the case for a push/pull mechanic for blocks that add more to the game than you might initially think when you read “push and pull blocks” – you will get it when you play the game. Moving blocks will also help you reach platforms you couldn’t get to before with your regular jump.

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There are also other mechanics that can either hinder or aid you in your puzzle solving journey, such as digging blocks that have the ability to destroy other blocks, and there are rotator blocks which will turn your level upside down without shifting or changes colors, to mention a couple of examples. As I’ve said, there are many new elements that will be slowly introduced as you go as to not overwhelm you.

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And if the main campaign is not enough for you, then how about feasting on the wonderful community levels? You can greatly extend the time you spend with the game by diving into the levels that have been created by players around the world, and you can also create your own and upload them for everyone to play and enjoy. Some of the player-created levels are very clever, and thanks to the overall quality of the bonus levels, the game’s replay value goes through the roof. And there is a constant stream of levels being added on a regular basis as well! The only real complaint I have is that the level editor does take a little bit of getting used to since it can be hard to distinguish the color of the blocks and how they interact with the area, but it’s nothing that some trial and error can’t solve.

Shift Quantum Review - 5

Shift Quantum is a clever puzzle game that is very fun on PlayStation 4. The level design is great, and the core gameplay mechanic is very interesting and helps to keep you thinking outside of the box. Add the community created levels and how more and more stages are added every day, and you have a game that is definitely worth your time and money.

Shift Quantum Review - 6

This Shift Quantum review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Red Panda Interactive.

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