Free PlayStation 4 Games That You Should Be Playing

by Palabar

As an avid PlayStation 4 gamer, you probably already know that you have a plethora of games available to you on Sony’s console Not only do you have everything from first-person shooters to role-playing games, you also have access to some of the old classics from the PlayStation 2 that Sony has been re-releasing with a bump in graphics and trophies. This is without even mentioning the number of multiplayer games that are available on the console. The only problem with games is that they cost money. New games can cost almost as much as eighty dollars or more if you get the deluxe edition with extra content. And in order to play online, you have to have to pay a monthly fee for PlayStation Plus. Maybe you are running short on cash. Maybe you are waiting for your allowance before you can buy a new game. Whatever the situation is, there are plenty of free games that you can take advantage in the meantime.

Hustle Kings

Most of the free to play PlayStation 4 games are focused on multiplayer gaming, since they’re part of the exception to the “you need to have a subscription to play only. Hustle Kings is a solid option on PlayStation 4 – which was available as a separate release on PlayStation 3. This is a pool game, and it is a particularly good one at that. Hustle Kings offer a number of play styles, unique tables, different cues, and the controls are absolutely smooth. Be sure to give it a go!

World Of Tanks

If you are a gamer, you have without a doubt heard about World of Tanks. Everyone at some point in their life probably has wondered what it would be like to drive a tank, and this game offers as real an experience as most will ever get. There are over 150 different tanks that you can drive across World War II-era maps. The core gameplay is multiplayer -heavy, but there are tons of other game modes that one can take advantage of. You can work your way through a whole list of exciting upgrades and make your tank unstoppable. This game is just as good as Hydro Thunder, if not better.



Overwatch has become an extremely popular game over the last few months. However, the only downside to the game is that it offers an online-only experience. This is where Paladins can come in handy. It does offer online play as well, but it also has an offline mode. This game is just about as close as you can get to Overwatch without actually playing Overwatch. It’s a colorful team-based shooter that relies heavily on the individuality of each character. Customize your character with a number of customization options and hit the battlefield!

Let It Die

Let It Die is a top title that was created by Grasshopper Manufacture, so you know it’s a fun experience. This game is extremely intense with a Dark Souls vibe, but a more colorful presentation. The hack-and-slash gameplay really tests your skills and gives you plenty of incentive to stay alive as long as you can. When you die the game creates a Halter that will attack your next character, so you’ll always need to be on high alert.

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