[Beyond PlayStation] Starman Review

by Dusk Fox

Starman by Nada Studio is now available on the Nintendo Switch! Learn more about this puzzle game in our Starman Review!

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Have you ever had one of those nights where you want to play something but you are either too stressed to play a game that is too complicated or too tired to put much energy into it, and you just want to chill, relax and go with the flow? Well, Starman is exactly that kind of experience, and you can now play it on the Nintendo Switch.

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It’s a puzzle game with various levels with fairly straightforward mechanics. There are levers, switches, handles and blocks that you have to interact with to solve each of the areas you will visit, with the reward for each level being some sort of orb that you turn into butterflies in a forest. Simple and to the point, right?

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The game has an ethereal feel. Most of the things are stuff that you could find in our world, but they just have a sort of dream or illusion feeling to them, as well as being presented in a beautiful greyscale look. This game is inviting you to get lost in its little world, doing simple tasks and just enjoying the ride. However, this can get a little annoying. As with many puzzle games, some scenes require a bit of back and forth, and your character and actions are quite slow, which is, of course, part of the intended style of the game, but in these times of fast-paced stuff and instant gratification, this can prove a little disappointing when impatience gets the best of you.

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Even if Starman is a little on the short side, with only a couple of hours needed from you at most, it does have a distinctive charm and appeal that makes it stand out. It’s good for players who are looking for a casual and relaxing time with what could be called a little hidden gem on Nintendo’s console.

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This Starman review is based on a Nintendo Switch code provided by Nada Studio.

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