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Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk is the latest entry in the series and it has now landed on the Nintendo 3DS. Learn more in our Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk review!

Jake Hunter finds himself following a lead about a case that takes him to a peculiar house in west Aspicio where mysterious things are happening. It turns out that the house is very much haunted and cursed, and everything takes a turn for the worse when a series of unfortunate events occur at said location. It is up to you to find out what is really going on before more people end up dead.

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You can control the game either by tapping on each corresponding command on the Nintendo 3DS touchscreen, or you can use the analog stick and the A, B, X, Y, L and R buttons to move the selection cursor around, confirm actions, display the next message, cancel, examine the location, check your inventory, check your notebook or to have a smoke.

Examine allows you to check your surrounding area for any potential clues and, as you can imagine from the game’s genre, this will be the main way in which you will interact in this game. You can also talk to other characters to learn more things about the situation at hand. You can also move between locations to find new things to do and new clues for your case. If at any time you need to check how your investigation is going you can review Jake’s notebook to catch up with everything as it develops. And if you want to get some insight as to what to do next, you can have a smoke to summarize your toughest a learn where you should go to.

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If you find a person of interest during your investigation, you can go into the Talk Profiling System (TPS). The TPS will allow you to try and read a person’s mind by way of deductive reasoning to try and force them to tell you everything they know about the case. Once you have enough clues and information about a case you’ll be able to make a crucial deduction by organizing all the information that Hunter has learned, and if you do it right you might find a key piece of information that can help you crack the case.

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The game has a password system in which you can enter the password menu and input passwords of four letters. By introducing the correct passwords you can gain access to new information on the game. The first password (AAAA) can be found inside of the game’s instruction manual, and it will allow you to learn more about the password system. You will then get your second password (the aptly applied HINT password), which will give you some information on the extra passwords which you can find more passwords as you play the game – you will get to learn at which area and chapter you can find them.

Along with the main story in Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk, you will also gain access to five other episodes which have been ported from Jake Hunter mobile releases. The extra episodes include Legend of the Demon Princess, in which Jake takes on investigating a potential infidelity; For Love, an episode that deals with the harassment of bar proprietor Krystal Moon; Forget-Me-Not, a case in which Jake must deliver an envelope from Rachel Hall to her daughter, Karen, and after Karen refuses to receive the envelope a new case unfolds; Four Seasons which revolves around two men and an antique shop; and, finally, Jake Hunter Unleashed, a very special type of case.

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Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk is a solid entry in the series on the Nintendo 3DS, bringing an interesting story and fun gameplay mechanics that will keep you busy for many hours. The extra cases that are also part of this portable release are a nice bonus and a great way to extend your stay.

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This Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk review is based on a Nintendo 3DS copy provided by Aksys Games.

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